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Literary News Shows

Miller NEW - 3015-03-10 KUOW “sound of the day”
Seattle's KUOW (94.9 or has a “sound of the day” clip they do during the program called The Record. WTBBL submitted the sound of our digital talking book machines being tested by simultaneously playing "The Joy of Cooking." Host: Danielle Miller. Producer: Danielle Miller
Tyler Kaye, WTBBL Registrar and Historian presents “1915: It Was Just Yesterday.” Host: Tyler Kaye. Producer: Tyler Kaye
See 2014-06-25 Lisa See - China Dolls
Lisa See is an exceptional weaver of tales. The lives of three young Chinese-American women come alive in pre World War II San Francisco in the pages of Lisa See's new vibrant historical novel "China Dolls". Lisa was in studio with Rachel Glass during a break in her West Coast book tour to expand the historical context of Chinese Nightclubs and the legacy of the noted Forbidden City establishment in the city by the bay. Host: Rachel Glass. Producer: John Pai
A dazzling, multilayered novel that not only encompasses a searing love story but, with its epic reach, encapsulates the fate of the world. Mumbai has emptied under the threat of imminent nuclear annihilation; gangs of marauding Hindu and Muslim thugs rove the desolate streets; yet Sarita can think of only one thing: buying the last pomegranate that remains in perhaps the entire city. A wickedly comedic and fearlessly provocative portrayal of individuals balancing on the sharp edge of fate, "The City of Devi" brilliantly upends assumptions of politics, religion, and sex, and offers a terrifying yet exuberant glimpse of the end of the world. WTBBL librarian Eura Szuwalski discusses "The City of Devi" with its author Manil Suri. Host: Eura Szuwalski. Producer: David Junius
Beverly Donofrio had already lived two lives, first as a scrappy young mother on the streets of the East Village and later as the bestselling author of "Riding in Cars with Boys." By the time she reached her fifties, she thought she had seen it all. Now, even though she was living in a vibrant, picturesque Mexican town, where she practiced yoga, drank margaritas in her backyard, and took salsa lessons, she felt lost and was searching for monasteries to visit. The religious practice that had nourished her for several years had faded. She missed God. Then one night she woke to find a rapist holding a knife to her throat. So begins the memoir that charts Donofrio's journey -— a long and twisting road through denial, mourning, anger, vulnerability, and retreat at five very different monasteries. Told through Donofrio's brutally honest, often ribald, emotionally unsparing voice, "Astonished" is a tender and hopeful narrative of healing and learning to love life again. WTBBL's Bonnie Brown talks with the author about her new book. Host: Bonnie Brown. Producer: David Junius
Jr. 2013-02-25 Ron Currie, Jr.
The protagonist of Ron Currie, Jr.'s "Flimsy Little Plastic Miracles" has a problem -- or rather, several of them. He's a writer whose latest book was destroyed in a fire. He's mourning the death of his father, and has been in love with the same woman since grade school, a woman whose beauty and allure is matched only by her talent for eluding him. Worst of all, he's not even his own man, but rather an amalgam of fact and fiction from Ron Currie's own life. When Currie the character exiles himself to a small Caribbean island to write a new book about the woman he loves, he eventually decides to fake his death, which turns out to be the best career move he's ever made. But fame and fortune come with a price, and Currie learns that in a time of twenty-four-hour news cycles, reality TV, and celebrity social media feeds, the one thing the world will not forgive is having been told a deeply satisfying lie. WTBBL's Rick Slama seeks the truth with the author. Host: Rick Slama. Producer: David Junius
McLaren 2012-11-02 Kaya McLaren
Set in a Colorado ski town, Kaya McLaren's "How I Came To Sparkle Again" is a remarkable breakout novel that chronicles three people at the crossroads of heartbreak and healing -- three lives that will be changed one winter in Sparkle. Bonnie Brown talks with the rising author of this "tender, funny, tear-jerking novel you won't soon forget." Host: Bonnie Brown. Producer: David Junius
Villalobos 2012-10-25 Juan Pablo Villalobos
Tochtli lives in a palace. He loves hats, samurai, guillotines, and dictionaries, and what he wants more than anything right now is a new pet for his private zoo: a pygmy hippopotamus from Liberia. But Tochtli is a child whose father is a drug baron on the verge of taking over a powerful cartel, and Tochtli is growing up in a luxury hideout that he shares with hit men, prostitutes, dealers, servants, and the odd corrupt politician or two. Juan Pablo Villalobos' "Down the Rabbit Hole" is the chronicle of a delirious journey to grant a child's wish. Rachel Glass talks with the author. Host: Rachel Glass. Producer: David Junius
Homes 2012-10-09 A.M. Homes
A.M. Homes’ "May We Be Forgiven" is an unnerving, darkly comic novel of twenty-first-century domestic life and the possibility of personal transformation. Harold Silver has spent a lifetime watching his younger brother, George, a taller, smarter, and more successful high-flying TV executive, acquire a covetable wife, two kids, and a beautiful home in the suburbs of New York City. But Harry, a historian and Nixon scholar, also knows George has a murderous temper, and when George loses control the result is an act of violence so shocking that both brothers are hurled into entirely new lives in which they both must seek absolution. Holly Chaffin talks with the author about the novel, her creative process, Richard Nixon and Girl Scouts, among other things. Host: Holly Chaffin. Producer: David Junius
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Weiss 2012-09-25 Luisa Weiss
It takes courage to turn your life upside down, especially when everyone is telling you how lucky you are. But sometimes what seems right can feel deeply wrong. "My Berlin Kitchen: A Love Story (with Recipes)" tells the story of how one thoroughly confused, kitchen-mad perfectionist broke off her engagement to a handsome New Yorker, quit her dream job, and found her way to a new life, a new man, and a new home in Berlin -- one recipe at a time. Jo Henderson talks candidly with new author Luisa Weiss. Host: Jo Henderson. Producer: David Junius
Flenniken 2012-09-17 Kathleen Flenniken
Kathleen Flenniken is the 2012-2014 Washington State Poet Laureate. Her first book, "Famous" (2006), won the Prairie Schooner Book Prize in Poetry and was named a Notable Book by the American Library Association, and a finalist for the Washington State Book Award. Her second collection, "Plume," was published in Spring 2012 by University of Washington Press. Her poems have appeared in many journals and anthologies. Amy Ravenholt talks with Kathleen Flenniken about her work and art. Host: Amy Ravenholt. Producer: David Junius
Garrett-Davis 2012-08-31 Josh Garrett-Davis
Growing up in South Dakota, Josh Garrett-Davis always knew he would leave. But as a young adult, he kept going back -- in dreams and reality, and by way of books. With this narrative about a seemingly empty but actually rich and complex place, he has reclaimed his childhood, his unusual family -- and the Great Plains. Garrett-Davis' college classmate, WTBBL's Rick Slama, interviews the author about this new memoir. Host: Rick Slama. Producer: David Junius and Rick Slama
Hocking 2012-08-24 Amanda Hocking
Gorgeous. Fearless. Dangerous. They’re the kind of girls you envy; the kind of girls you want to hate. Strangers in town for the summer, Penn, Lexi and Thea have caught everyone’s attention — but it’s Gemma who’s attracted theirs. Then one night, Gemma’s ordinary life changes forever. She’s taking a late night swim under the stars when she finds Penn, Lexi and Thea partying on the cove. They invite her to join them, and the next morning she wakes up on the beach feeling groggy and sick, knowing something is different. And as she uncovers the truth, she’s forced to choose between staying with those she loves — or entering a new world brimming with dark hungers and unimaginable secrets. Mandy Gonnsen talks with YA author Amanda Hocking about “Wake,” the first book in her new “Watersong” series. Host: Mandy Gonnsen. Producer: David Junius
Sweet 2012-08-23 Barry Sweet
Barry Sweet, a former Associated Press photo-journalist, is the author of “Split Seconds: Four Decades of News Photography from the Pacific Northwest and Beyond,” a visual time capsule from the late 1960's through four decades. Many of his photos from thousands of news events in the Pacific Northwest and beyond are well-known and recognizable. Through his viewfinder, Sweet witnessed momentous occasions, random tragedies, and a range of human emotions grief, triumph, surprise, sadness, and joy. His subjects included adventurers, artists, astronauts, athletes, billionaires, criminals, diplomats, firefighters, geeks, governors, heroes, hippies, mountain-climbers, movie stars, musicians, police, presidents, rioters, soldiers, and sailors. Tyler Kaye discusses this new book with the author. Host: Tyler Kaye. Producer: David Junius
Bendix 2012-08-23 Paul Bendix
At age 21, Paul Bendix was shot in a street robbery and paralyzed -- and in “Dance Without Steps,” he takes us on a journey through the next four decades of his life. The disaster that befell him would have crushed others, but his ability to observe without judging, to suffer without self-pity, and to laugh without derision, makes his book of essays a unique and clear-eyed journey, brave beyond imagining. Herrick Heitman speaks with the author. Host: Herrick Heitman. Producer: David Junius
Larson 2012-07-26 Kay Larson
Kay Larson’s “Where the Heart Beats: John Cage, Zen Buddhism, and the Inner Life of Artists” is the story of the tremendous changes sweeping through American culture following the Second World War, a time when the arts in America broke away from centuries of tradition and reinvented themselves. In this tumultuous period, composer John Cage began a spiritual quest to know himself better. His earnest inquiry touched thousands of lives and created controversies that are ongoing. He devised unique concerts—consisting of notes chosen by chance, randomly tuned radios, and silence—in the service of his absolute conviction that art and life are one inseparable truth, a seamless web of creation divided only by illusory thoughts. What empowered John Cage to compose his incredible music—and what allowed him to inspire tremendous transformations in the lives of his fellow artists—was Cage’s improbable conversion to Zen Buddhism. This is the story of how Zen saved Cage from himself. David Junius talks with the author about her debut book. Host: David Junius. Producer: David Junius
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Buckmaster 2012-07-13 Carolyn and Dennis Buckmaster
Harriet H. Smith, idealistic nurse, returns to China and Yale in China's schools of medicine and nursing and its hospital to continue working with her beloved Chinese students, patients, and her colleagues, and to pursue her humanitarian causes. Upon returning she finds: A country in disarray with social and civic unrest, chaotic politics, militarism and war. Discover, enjoy, marvel at, wonder and laugh in reading how Harriet faces all of these challenges and imagine how they will be seminal to the rest of her accomplished life. Notice the parallels of 1926 China and today's tumultuous times. Rachel Glass discusses "Healing, Romance & Revolution: Letters from an American Nurse in 1926 China" with authors Carolyn and Dennis Buckmaster. Host: Rachel Glass . Producer: David Junius
Phelps 2012-07-10 Carissa Phelps
Carissa Phelps was a runner. By age twelve, she had run away from home, dropped out of school, and fled blindly into the arms of a brutal pimp. With little to hope for, she expected to end up in prison, or worse. But then her life was transformed through the unexpected kindness of a teacher and a counselor. She had left the streets behind, yet her path would eventually draw her back, this time working to help homeless and at-risk youth find their own paths to a better life. Heidi Lang talks with the author about “Runaway Girl,” the tale of one who lost herself and survived, against all odds, through the generosity of strangers. Host: Heidi Lang. Producer: David Junius
Henkin 2012-07-10 Joshua Henkin
Set in 2005, over the Fourth of July holiday, “The World Without You” follows the Frankel family as they gather at their summer home in the Berkshires to memorialize Leo, their youngest son, who was killed while working as a journalist in Iraq. As the Frankel family takes their first, tentative steps out of mourning, each tries to find a new place in a world, while understanding that Leo’s death has changed them, and their family, forever. Kathy Skipper discusses this new novel with the author, and his views on the creative process, the teaching of writing, and the state of the book publishing industry. Host: Kathy Skipper. Producer: David Junius
Ephron 2012-06-27 Nora Ephron
Nora Ephron (1941-2012) is the author of the bestselling "I Feel Bad About My Neck" as well as "Heartburn," "Crazy Salad," "Wallflower at the Orgy," and "Scribble Scribble." She wrote and directed the hit movie "Julie & Julia" and received Academy Award nominations for Best Original Screenplay for "When Harry Met Sally," "Silkwood," and "Sleepless in Seattle," which she also directed. Her other credits include the script for the stage hit "Love, Loss, and What I Wore" with sister Delia Ephron. Heidi Lang discusses the book "I Remember Nothing" with the author in this November, 2010 interview. Host: Heidi Lang. Producer: John Pai
It’s 1663 in the tiny, hardscrabble Dutch colony of New Amsterdam, now present-day southern Manhattan. Orphan children are going missing, and among those looking into the mysterious state of affairs are a quick-witted twenty-two-year-old trader, Blandine von Couvering, herself an orphan, and a dashing British spy named Edward Drummond. Addi Brooks discusses "The Orphanmaster" with author Jean Zimmerman, who brings New Amsterdam and its surrounding wilderness alive for modern-day readers with exacting period detail. Host: Addi Brooks. Producer: David Junius
Harden 2012-06-12 Blaine Harden
In "Escape from Camp 14," acclaimed journalist Blaine Harden tells the story of Shin Dong-hyuk and through the lens of Shin's life unlocks the secrets of the world's most repressive totalitarian state. Shin knew nothing of civilized existence -- he saw his mother as a competitor for food, guards raised him to be a snitch, and he witnessed the execution of his own family. Through Harden's harrowing narrative of Shin's life and remarkable escape, he offers an unequaled inside account of one of the world's darkest nations and a riveting tale of endurance, courage, and survival. Rachel Glass talks with Blaine Harden about "Escape from Camp 14" in a special extended interview. Host: Rachel Glass. Producer: David Junius
French 2012-06-12 Paul French
In the last days of old Peking, where anything goes, can a murderer escape justice? Peking in 1937 is a heady mix of privilege and scandal, opulence and opium dens, rumors and superstition. The Japanese are encircling the city, and the discovery of Pamela Werner's body sends a shiver through already nervous Peking. Is it the work of a madman? One of the ruthless Japanese soldiers now surrounding the city? Or perhaps the dreaded fox spirits? With the suspect list growing and clues sparse, two detectives -— one British and one Chinese —-race against the clock to solve the crime before the Japanese invade and Peking as they know it is gone forever. Can they find the killer in time, before the Japanese invade? In discussion with Rachel Glass, historian and China expert Paul French at last uncovers the truth behind this notorious murder, and offers a rare glimpse of the last days of colonial Peking. Host: Rachel Glass. Producer: David Junius
Lamott 2012-06-01 Anne Lamott
In “Some Assembly Required,” Anne Lamott enters a new and unexpected chapter of her own life: grandmotherhood. Stunned to learn that her son, Sam, is about to become a father at nineteen, Lamott begins a journal about the first year of her grandson Jax's life. In careful and often hilarious detail, Lamott and Sam -- about whom she first wrote so movingly in “Operating Instructions” -- struggle to balance their changing roles with the demands of college and work, as they both forge new relationships with Jax's mother, who has her own ideas about how to raise a child. Heidi Lang reconnects with Anne Lamott to discuss “Some Assembly Required.” Host: Heidi Lang. Producer: David Junius
Carter 2012-05-31 Ally Carter
The last thing Cammie Morgan remembers is leaving the Gallagher Academy to protect her friends and family from the Circle of Cavan -an ancient terrorist organization that has been hunting her for over a year. But when Cammie wakes up in an alpine convent and discovers that months have passed, she must face the fact that her memory is now a black hole. The only traces left of Cammie's summer vacation are the bruises on her body and the dirt under her nails, and all she wants is to go home. Marah Blake interviews Ally Carter on "Out of Sight, Out of Time," the fifth book in the Gallagher Girls series and other topics. Host: Marah Blake. Producer: David Junius
Wells 2012-05-31 Jon Wells
In his new book "Shipwrecked: A Peoples' History of the Seattle Mariners" Jon Wells, a baseball writer who has covered the Seattle Mariners for more than 15 years, asserts that poor management and shortsighted ownership combined to keep a team with three first-ballot Hall of Fame players, each in the prime of his career, from reaching the World Series. Wells details every misstep by the Mariners during the team's 35-year history. But wait, there's hope! Can General Manager Jack Zduriencik bring in enough young talent to make this club a contender again, as he did for the Milwaukee Brewers? Interviewer Sally Jo Hagen finds out! Host: Sally Jo Hagen. Producer: David Junius
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Margolin 2012-05-31 Phillip Margolin
Private investigator Dana Cutler and attorney Brad Miller have overcome more than a few daunting challenges and powerful enemies to see justice done. Against tremendous odds, they successfully unmasked an American president's involvement in a chain of murders. They also saved the life of a Supreme Court justice while foiling a conspiracy by rogue members of the CIA to fix a case headed for the court. Interviewed by Danielle Miller, Phillip Margolin shows why he is a master of suspense, delivering another high-octane thriller set in Washington's legendary corridors of power with "Capitol Murder: A Novel of Suspense." Host: Danielle Miller. Producer: David Junius
Black 2012-03-27 Cara Black
Aimée Leduc is happy her long-time business partner René has found a girlfriend. Really, she is. It’s not her fault if she can’t suppress her doubts about the relationship; René is moving way too fast, and Aimée’s instincts tell her Meizi, this supposed love of René’s life, isn’t trustworthy. And her misgivings may not be far off the mark: Meizi disappears during a Chinatown dinner to take a phone call and never comes back to the restaurant. Minutes later, the body of a young man, a science prodigy and volunteer at the nearby Musée, is found shrink-wrapped in an alleyway—with Meizi’s photo in his wallet. Kathy Skipper talks to author Cara Black about this latest installment in Paris-based crime series starring private investigator Aimée Leduc. Host: Kathleen Skipper. Producer: David Junius
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Brooks 2012-03-20 Geraldine Brooks
Once again, Geraldine Brooks takes a remarkable shard of history and brings it to vivid life. In 1665, a young man from Martha's Vineyard became the first Native American to graduate from Harvard College. Upon this slender factual scaffold, Brooks has created a luminous tale of love and faith, magic and adventure. On a book tour to Seattle, Geraldine had a chance to catch up with Nancy Duncan to speak more deeply about Caleb's Crossing in the studios at ERRS. Host: Nancy Duncan. Producer: John Pai
Barry 2012-03-12 John M Barry
For four hundred years, Americans have wrestled with and fought over two concepts that define the nature of the nation: the proper relation between church and state and between a free individual and the state. These debates began with the extraordinary thought and struggles of Roger Williams, who had an unparalleled understanding of the conflict between a government that justified itself by “reason of state.” With “Roger Williams and the Creation of the American Soul: Church, State, and the Birth of Liberty”, acclaimed historian John M. Barry explores the development of these fundamental ideas through the story of the man who was the first to link religious freedom to individual liberty, and who created in America the first government and society on earth informed by those beliefs. WTBBL’s Herrick Heitman discusses this new work with the author. Host: Herrick Heitman. Producer: David Junius
Bostic 2012-03-06 Megan Bostic
Austin Parker is never going to see his eighteenth birthday. At the rate he’s going, he probably won’t even see the end of the year. The doctors say his chances of surviving are slim to none even with treatment, so he’s decided it’s time to let go. But before he goes, Austin wants to mend the broken fences in his life. So with the help of his best friend, Kaylee, Austin visits every person in his life who touched him in a special way. He journeys to places he’s loved and those he’s never seen. And what starts as a way to say goodbye turns into a personal journey that brings love, acceptance, and meaning to Austin’s life. Leighanne Law discusses this debut novel with local author Megan Bostic. Host: Leighanne Law. Producer: David Junius
Lee 2012-02-27 Krys Lee
Spanning Korea and the United States, from the postwar era to contemporary times, Krys Lee's stunning fiction debut, Drifting House, illuminates a people torn between the traumas of their collective past and the indignities and sorrows of their present. Rachel Glass speaks with this emerging author. Host: Rachel Glass. Producer: David Junius
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O'Nan 2012-02-27 Stewart O'Nan
From critically acclaimed author Stewart O’Nan comes THE ODDS, a compact novel that relates the honest, beautiful, heartbreaking story of a man and woman standing at the precipice of divorce and bankruptcy, trying to determine whether the difficulty of the unknown outweighs the pain of the familiar. On the eve of their 30th wedding anniversary, Art and Marion Fowler flee their troubles—entrenched unemployment, probable foreclosure, and imminent divorce—to Niagara Falls, where they spent their first honeymoon, for one final weekend together. Chris McKenzie talks with Stewart O’Nan about his latest groundbreaking work. Host: Chris McKenzie. Producer: David Junius & John Pai
Hatvany 2012-02-08 Amy Hatvany
Set in Seattle, Amy Hatvany’s Outside the Lines is a gripping tale about a woman who sets out to find her long-estranged, mentally ill father, knowing that until she makes peace with this part of her past, she will never be able to embrace her future. The story delves into a beautiful and intricate father-daughter relationship, exploring the topic of unconditional love and the inherent desire we all have to stay connected to family members through thick and thin. WTBBL’s Eura Szuwalski discusses the latest work from local author Amy Hatvany. Host: Eura Szuwalski. Producer: David Junius
Sylvia-Stasiewicz 2011-08-30 Dawn Sylvia-Stasiewicz
Dawn Sylvia-Stasiewicz was a very special dog trainer. She knew dogs instinctively and based her techniques on lessons she learned from raising three children. Believing in positive reinforcement and establishing a deep communication based on trust her great success sits in contrast to the methods utilizing choke collars, squeezing and hitting. Her reputation throughout the Washington DC area brought her dog lovers from all walks of life. She has trained the dogs of the late Senator Ted Kennedy and most recently President Barack Obama. Prior to her unexpected death, Dawn visited the ERRS studios during her book tour for the Love That Dog Training Program to share stories and experiences with our own Kathy Skipper. Host: kathy Skipper. Producer: John Pai
Rizzuto 2011-08-23 Rahna Reiko Rizzuto
Exploring one’s deepest emotions, fears, and elements of identity requires a fearlessness and bravery few truly posses. Rahna Reiko Rizzuto’s memoir, Hiroshima in the Morning, embodies those elements. A finalist for the 2010 National Book Critics Award, Reiko was as open and honest in studio with Rachel Glass for a riveting and personal conversation. Host: Rachel Glass. Producer: John Pai
Kelly 2011-08-16 Kevin Kelly
Is technology out of control? Are we losing touch with our “humanness”? Do we control technology or does technology control us? In What Technology Wants, author Kevin Kelly, cofounder of Wired magazine, explores the ramifications of technology on human welfare and achievement in a bold and engaging discourse. He joined Heidi Lang in studio to share his thoughts about where we are and what the future holds. Host: Heidi Lang. Producer: John Pai
Silko 2011-08-09 Leslie Marmon Silko
Within the pages of the Turquoise Ledge: A Memoir Leslie Marmon Silko The turquoise stones Silko finds in the Tucson Mountains near her home embody the story of the land and her own complex heritage. Host: Rachel Glass. Producer: John Pai
Li 2011-08-02 Yiyun Li
The art of the short story is a legacy hard to live up to. In Gold Boy, Emerald Girl Yiyun Li lives up to that tradition. The winner of the Ernest Hemingway Foundation Pen Award, she was in studio to share with Chris McKenzie the creativity behind her art. Host: Chris McKenzie. Producer: John Pai
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Mengestu 2011-07-26 Dinaw Mengestu
Born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Dinaw Mengestu is the recipient of a fellowship in fiction from the New York Foundation for the Arts and a Lannan Literary Award, and received a "5 under 35" Award from the National Book Foundation. In Seattle for his second novel, How To Read the Air, Dinaw was able to share with Nan Vasilli the creation of the continuation of the story of Jonas Woldemariam: a story tracing the embodiment of an immigrant experience across 2 generations. Host: Nan Vassili. Producer: John Pai
Danticat 2011-07-19 Edwidge Danticat
In her deeply personal book, Create Dangerously, celebrated Haitian-American writer Edwidge Danticat reflects on art and exile, examining what it means to be an immigrant artist from a country in crisis. Edwidge was in studio with Theresa Connolly to talk the book. A creation inspired by Albert Camus' lecture, "Create Dangerously”. Combining memoir and essay, Danticat tells the stories of artists, including herself, who create despite, or because of, the horrors that drove them from their homelands and that continue to haunt them. Host: Theresa Connolly. Producer: John Pai
Salvatore 2011-07-12 R.A. Salvatore
In studio again for a repeat visit, R.A. Salvatore was in studio with Randy Winter to talk about his most recent release of Gauntlgrym: Neverwinter, Book 1. The author of more than 45 fantasy novels, 22 of which have been NY Times bestsellers, his work has fascinated and transfixed thousands of readers. Host: Randy Winter . Producer: John Pai
Donnelly 2011-07-05 Jennifer Donnelly
Young Adult author Jennifer Donnelly is an award winning author who stopped by the studios of ERRS to have a conversation with Leighanne Law about the release of her most recent book, Revolution, as a paperback. She melds contemporary teen drama with well-researched historical fiction and a dollop of time travel a creation rich in mood, character, and emotion Host: Leighanne Law . Producer: John Pai
Chau 2011-06-28 Angie Chau
Angie Chau is an extremely insightful and truthful story teller. In her first book, As Quiet as They Come, she has complied a collection of stories intimately mining the Vietnamese American experience. On her first book tour through Seattle, Angie was able to share her thoughts with our own Leighanne Law about how she can capture the humor, intensity and forgiveness that embodies the lives of her characters. Host: Leighanne Law . Producer: John Pai
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Pearson 2011-06-21 Ridley Pearson
Ridley Pearson is the bestselling author of over 25 crime fiction novels that have been translated into 22 languages in 70 countries. His novels are filled with memorable characters, crisp plotting and detailed research. Research conducted for his novel, Undercurrents (1988), helped police solve a real-life homicide. He has, on several occasions, contributed to active police task force investigations on both the city and federal level. In town for the book tour for In Harm’s Way, Ridley shared how he researches his stories, what drives him and how did he get the name Ridley. Host: Nan Vassili. Producer: John Pai
Zailckas 2011-06-14 Koren Zailckas
Life has changed for Koren Zailckas quite a bit since she was last in Seattle in 2005 for her book Smashed: Story of a Drunken Girlhood. Married, sober, and a devoted mother of a 15 month old daughter, Koren now turns her attention on another lurking demon: anger. In a very personal and honest investigation into the rage that has been packed down deep within Koren. Reunited with Mary Mohrman, Koren personifies the openness and directness that is clearly showcased in Fury: A Memoir. Host: Mary Mohrman . Producer: John Pai
Kreutzer 2011-06-07 Valerie Kreutzer
The moments in life are fleeting but so exceedingly precious. There is much to celebrate and much to love. In A Girl Named Maria: The Story of an Adoption, Valerie Kreutzer shares the story of her daughter as Maria struggled to find herself and understand what family truly means. Valerie was in studio with Rosemary Adamski for this intimate conversation Host: Rosemary Adamski . Producer: John Pai
Kehlmann 2011-05-31 Daniel Kehlmann
Originally written in German, Fame: A Novel in Nine Episodes translates smoothly and clearly. Divided into nine interconnected stories, the book probes issues of identity in a darkly comic fashion. In Seattle for a book tour, Chris McKenzie was able to spend some time catching up with the Austrian prodigy whose fame is just being discovered in this country. Host: Chris McKenzie. Producer: John Pai
Roach 2011-05-24 Mary Roach
Space is a world devoid of the things we need to live and thrive: air, gravity, hot showers, fresh produce, privacy, beer. How much can a person give up? How much weirdness can they take? Nancy Duncan was able to ask these question and more as she was able to reunite with Mary on her most recent trip to Seattle. Host: Nancy Duncan. Producer: John Pai
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Yang-Ryan 2011-05-17 Shawna Yang-Ryan
Based in the real town of Locke, CA, Shawna Yang-Ryan’s novel Water Ghosts brings to life a story that could have actually happen. Locke, CA was a thriving and bustling river town of Chinese immigrants in the year of 1928. Join Rachel Glass as she explores with Shawna where fact and fiction collide and how does fiction bring to life a chapter in history. Host: Rachel Glass. Producer: John Pai
The history that we think we know of the United States is not always what it seems. In the tracing of the forces that pushed, pulled and flowed to form this nation it’s not always the obvious elements of rails, oil and gold. In “Fur, Fortune and Empire” author Eric Jay Dolin leaves little doubt that the trade in pelts 'was a powerful force in shaping the course of American history from the early 1600s through the late 1800s, playing a major role in the settlement and evolution of the colonies, and in the growth of the United States. In this interview with Gregg Porter Dolin speaks to a compelling tale of greed, slaughter and geopolitics a story all too familiar as the actual pillars in the foundation of this new nation. Host: Gregg Porter. Producer: John Pai
Yamashita 2011-05-03 Karen Tei Yamashita - I Hotel
The International Hotel in San Francisco’s Chinatown was an actual place and served as the eye of the storm around which the growing Asian America movement evolved. Karen Tei Yamashita’s I Hotel is the realization of the many stories and lives that encompassed the turbulent and impassioned years of 1968-1977 in the Bay Area Asian community. As a work of “fiction” it speaks of the actual events and stories culled from hours and hours of oral histories. Karen was in studio not only to talk about her book but also about how this unique time in American History has shaped the consciousness of American society. Host: John Pai. Producer: John Pai
Underwood 2011-04-26 Shawn Underwood
Living abroad is always an inspiring experience but when you do it with three children a spouse and your sibling’s family to boot for an entire year, the experience becomes something even greater. With humor and bravado, Shawn Underwood recounts in Mommy Are We French Yet? the joys, frustrations, and awareness that grows with each passing day. It was an exodus that she was able to also share first hand in this interview with Rachel Glass. Host: Rachel Glass. Producer: John Pai
Rivecca 2011-04-19 Suzanne Rivecca
Suzanne Rivecca's premier collection of short stories, Death is Not an Option, is gripping, distinctive, and impressive. Her heroines are flawed, captivating, and their stories are steeped in bizarreness. With great insight and an immediate style of writing her stories leap off the page with a sharp intensity. Heidi Lang was able to catch up with her to discuss what makes her writing tick, where do the emotions spring from and how does she flush out the characters that inhabit the landscape of her stories. Host: Heidi Lang. Producer: John Pai
Frazier 2011-04-12 Sundee Frazier
In a unique and inspired coming of age novel, local author Sundee Frazier sets up a scenario where twin sisters Minni and Keira discover that the differences as biracial siblings may be vaster than they’d like to think, particularly since Minni’s coloring is white like their father’s, while Keira’s is black like their mother’s. Sundee joined Rachel Glass in the ERRS studios to discuss the contradictions, absurdities, humor and pain that accompany life as a mixed-race tween. Host: Rachel Glass. Producer: John Pai
Kinman 2011-04-05 Diane Kinman
Mercer Island based author Diane Kinman collected the source material for Condo Divas after serving 12 years on two condo boards. The work is fictional reality taking a humorous take on the community politics of condo living and the antics of the individuals that make up this mini society. In this interview with Kymmberly Myrick, Diane was able to talk frankly about the politics and the drama in Condo life and how it did translate to the written word. Host: Kymmberly Myrick. Producer: John Pai
Bender 2011-03-29 Aimee Bender
Eating the cake her mother has prepared for her ninth birthday, Rose Edelstein discovers she has a gift: she can taste her mother’s emotions in the food she prepares. Soon, every bite Rose takes is filled with feelings—not just her mother’s but those of other people as well—and what might have been a gift becomes a burden and then, perhaps, a curse. Reminiscent of Like Water for Chocolate, Aimee Bender’s The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake a novel informed by a kind of magical realism. In Seattle for a book reading Aimee was in studio with Heidi Lang as she discussed her original take on love, sorrow, and relationships Host: Heidi Lang. Producer: John Pai
Wolffe 2011-03-22 Mishna Wolffe
Mishna Wolffe is a native daughter of Seattle’s Rainier Valley. A child of the 80’s she grew up as the eldest child in a blended, interracial family. Her Memoir I’m Down is a poignant, humorous and personal journey that she relates in a style that allows her voice to ring within your ears as if she were speaking to you directly. Host: John Pai. Producer: John Pai
Kirkpatrick 2011-03-15 David Kirkpatrick
Facebook is a worldwide phenomenon that has changed the face of communications forever. As the former senior editor for internet and technology at Fortune, he had a firsthand view of the rise and impact of the internet on the world. Who better than he could write the definitive book on Facebook? In studio with Rosemary Adamski, David carved out some time from his crazy schedule to share his thoughts and observation about the book, Facebook and technology. Host: Rosemary Adamski. Producer: John Pai
Casella 2011-03-08 Carol Casella
Carol Cassella is a practicing anesthesiologist and novelist. She was a closet writer for years before blending medicine and fiction for her first work Oxygen, the story of an anesthesiologist tangled in the aftermath of an operating room catastrophe. Currently living and working in the Puget Sound area, Carol hopped a ferry to come in from Bainbridge Island for an interview with Kymmberly Myrick in the ERRS studio. Listen in as she shares her thoughts about the real world blending into the fictional. Host: Kymmberly Myrick . Producer: John Pai
Pennington 2011-03-01 Amy Pennington
Amy Pennington breaks it down for us in Urban Pantry. Here is a smart, concise guide to creating a full and delicious larder in your own home. It covers kitchen essentials, like what basics to keep on hand for quick, tasty meals without a trip to the store, and features recipes that adapt old-fashioned pantry cooking for a modern audience. Avid chef and gardener Amy Pennington demystifies canning and pickling for the urban kitchen and provides tips for growing a practical food garden in even the smallest of spaces. Join Nancy Duncan as she leads an insightful interview with avid chef and gardener Amy Pennington Host: Nancy Duncan . Producer: John Pai
Kravitz 2011-02-22 Lee Kravitz
When award-winning journalist Lee Kravitz is laid off from his job, he realizes he has spent most of his life working too hard. He uses this life-changing moment as an opportunity to take stock of his life. Unfinished Business takes us on 10 transformational journeys in which Kravitz reconnects with those dear to him and makes amends. In studio with our won Nan Vasilli, he shares many lessons he has learned and especially the fact that we should be mindful of what is most important, and act on it. The rewards will be immediate and lasting. Host: Nan Vasilli . Producer: John Pai
Duno 2011-02-15 Steve Duno
Lou was no ordinary dog. He was an indigent young Rottweiler mix who changed the lives of hundreds of people and forged a uniquely deeply personal relationship with his human partner that went beyond the boundaries of its 16 year existence. In Last Dog on the Hill, Steve Duno recounts this relationship and was in studio with Heidi Lang to share many of those special moments first hand on the airwaves of ERRS. Host: Heidi Lang. Producer: John Pai
Download File:
Thayer-Hamann 2011-02-08 Hilary Thayer-Hamann
Visiting form New York City to appear at a book reading, Hilary Thayer-Hamann was in the ERRS studio with Rachel Glass for an engaging and revealing talk about writing, characterization and being a teen girl. Anthropology of An American Girl reads like a memoir but moves with humor, wit, and wisdom to tell a story so universal with such great personality. Host: Rachel Glass. Producer: John Pai
Reagan 2011-02-02 Literary News - Ron Reagan
February 6, 2011, is the one hundredth anniversary of Ronald Reagan's birth. To mark the occasion, Ron Reagan has written My Father at 100, an intimate look at the life of his father-one of the most popular presidents in American history-told from the perspective of someone who knew Ronald Reagan better than any adviser, friend, or colleague. Join Rachel Glass as she played host to Ron Reagan in a candid and insightful interview. Host: Rachel Glass. Producer: John Pai
McCue 2011-02-01 Francis McCue
Collaborating with photographer Mary Randlett, author Frances McCue the pair visit many of the towns that poet Richard Hugo wrote about. Part travelogue, part memoir, part literary scholarship, The Car That Brought You Here Still Runs traces this unique journey and celebrates the torque between temperament and terrain that is so vital in any consideration of place. Frances joined Camille Blanchette in studio in between author readings to share her thoughts on this exodus Host: Camille Blanchette. Producer: John Pai
Olivera 2011-01-25 Robin Olivera
In her debut novel, My Name is Mary Sutter, Robin Olivera has created an individual through whose eyes we witness the complex woven tapestry of the Civil War and a life where the crossroads of life clash. In her hands Robin shares with Kathy Renner the art of allowing the reader to grasp the finer details of an era and to come to an understanding of the painful decisions made by her appealingly vulnerable cast of characters in this epic work. Host: Kathryn Renner . Producer: John Pai
Dugoni 2011-01-18 Robert Dugoni
Robert Dugoni is at it again. In a return visit with our own Bonnie Brown, here at the studios of ERRS, he discusses the new installment in his series with attorney David Sloane. Bodily Harm is the third installment of the series and it truly represents the epitome of the skills that Robert has been developing in becoming a master of the legal thriller. Fast paced, yet thoughtful and intelligent, the characters are well developed, believable and real. Host: Bonnie Brown . Producer: John Pai
Day 2011-01-11 Laura Day
A tour de force both in her writing and in person, Laura Day was in the ERRS studio to share her optimistic, pragmatic and insightful views on how to navigate the world through an inner genius that is inherently in all of us. Join Chris McKenzie as Laura was in studio to clarify how intuition is practical and has verifiable uses in the fields of business, science, medicine, and personal growth. Host: Chris McKenzie. Producer: John Pai
Download File:
Yang 2011-01-04 Belle Yang
Belle Yang has been creating striking works of literature as well as visual imagery for many years. In Forget Sorrow: An Ancestral Tale she has crafted a perfect blend of profundity in a deeply moving graphic memoir. She interweaves the story of her father’s family in generational layers that crass cross through time as well as emotional wellsprings. In Seattle for a book tour, she was able to stop by to share the process she engaged in order to successfully continue her role as a true teller of stories. Host: John Pai. Producer: John Pai
Download File:
Smiley 2010-12-07 Jane Smiley - Private Life
Against the backdrop of an America rising from the ashes of the Civil War to the conclusion of the Second World War, Jane Smiley has crafted a powerful novel both in chronology and style. Detailed and resplendent, Private Life unfolds and reveals a world finely chiseled and portrayed amongst which a diverse cast of characters engage. Visiting the ERRS studio for a second time, Jane was reunited with host Rachel Glass in a lively and candid discussion on inspiration and creation. Host: Rachel Glass. Producer: John Pai
Peter Bacho is no stranger to Asian American fiction. He has been instrumental in the establishment of the genre as well as contributing to the well with his well crafted, emotionally complex novels. In Leaving Yesler, Peter continues this odyssey as he brings to life the ghosts of the Filipino-American community. Stories based more in fact than fiction. In this interview with Rachel Glass, Peter shares his concepts of writing and the legacy of storytelling Host: Rachel Glass . Producer: John Pai
The wildlife crime beat in the Northwest is alive and well in the waters of the Puget Sound. A very real danger, shellfish poachers are wrecking havoc on the once bountiful, now imperiled marine ecosystem. In his book, Shell Games: Rogues, Smugglers, and the hunt for Nature’s Bounty journalist Craig Welch flushes out a tapestry with the flash of a mystery novel. There is a complex network filled with distinctive characters, crime and danger. Join Chris McKenzie as Craig visits the ERRS studio to share some of his more colorful and complex stories. Host: Chris McKenzie. Producer: John Pai
UC-Irvine psychobiologist Gary Lynch is a brilliant yet highly eclectic individual who is in quest of the biochemistry of memory. His laboratory is a space filled with a daily dose of the un-routine. Award-winning journalist Terry McDermott spent nearly two years observing Lynch at work and has compiled his insights into his book 101 Theory Drive: A Neuroscientist’s Quest for Memory. It offers a fascinating and dramatic account of daily life in this unique lab. Join Sebastian Levy-Aldrete as Terry shares some candid memories in recounting the time he spent with Gary Lynch. Host: Sebastian Levy-Aldrete . Producer: John Pai
Redemption and triumph are never easily attained or even approached. In Anne Lamott’s most recent Novel, in the quest for connection and salvation we can lose more than ourselves. Imperfect Birds not only showcases Anne Lamott’s masterful storytelling, it also reveals Anne’s exquisite writing, wry wit, wonderful dialogue and believable characters. Join Heidi and Anne Lamott for an inspired interview. Host: Heidi Lang. Producer: John Pai
Lisa J. Shannon had a good life—a successful business, a fiancé, a home, and security. Then, one day in 2005, an episode of Oprah changed all that. The show focused on women in Congo, the worst place on earth to be a woman. She was awakened to the atrocities there—millions dead, women raped and tortured daily, and children dying in shocking numbers. Shannon felt called to do something. And she did. Join Hiedi Lang for an inspiring interview with Lisa as she shares the story of her efforts to raise money to sponsor Congolese women and how she founded a national organization: Run for Congo Women. Her memoir, A Thousand Sisters: My Journey into the Worst Place on Earth to Be a Woman chronicles her exodus and the continuing work that needs to be done Host: Heidi Lang. Producer: John Pai
In her debut novel, Long for This World, Sonya Chung has woven a tapestry illuminating a life where the crossroads of culture clash and the possibility of a family reunion are anything but possible. What tears at the fabric of one’s own knowledge of self is the fact that we are all products of our own family history and unity. Sonya was in town and joined Rachel Glass in studio for a compelling and candid interview. Host: Rachel Glass. Producer: John Pai
Leonid McGill is the hero “heir apparent” to Easy Rawlins, the iconic alter ego of Walter Mosley from his previously long running series. Known to Evil is the second installment of the new series and it makes good on the promise of the characters and story lines introduced in The Long Fall. As one of the best spinners of tales and the evocation of time and place, Walter Mosley brings a life to his world that continues to haunt the reader long after the culmination of the current book. Host: Bonnie Brown. Producer: John Pai
Part autobiography, part familial history, Where the Heart Is brings to life a time period in American History that truly defined and taxed the human spirit to its core. In a phone interview with Chris McKenzie, Mr. Boyer was able to share the process that brought forth a tale so truly emblematic of the fiber of this country we call home. Host: Chris McKenzie. Producer: John Pai
In the fifth installment of the Mercy Thompson series, author Patricia Briggs brings to life yet another tale steeped in several subplots of mythology populated with a fascinating array of characters. In this extended version of the Literary News interview with Jeff Cavanaugh, Patricia delves in to her creative process and how she is able to enhance her story telling to such a multilayered level. Host: Jeff Cavanaugh. Producer: John Pai
Moby 2010-09-28 Moby
Musician, vegan and social activist Moby presents a collection of compelling, well-researched essays that illuminate and enhance the dialogue on food consumption in America most recently carried forth by Michael Pollan's The Omnivore's Delimma and the documentary film Food, Inc. Join Ashley Baird as she engages Moby in a concise but insightful interview about Gristle: From Factory Farms to Food Safety. Host: Ashley Baird . Producer: John Pai
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Moore 2010-09-21 Christopher Moore
Bite Me: A Love Story is the most recent edition in Christopher Moore’s modern vampire chronicles. Set once again in current day San Francisco, being a vampire is a full time endeavor that does not have a Manuel to make reference. Jeff Cavanaugh was in studio with Chris to delve into the humor, wit and charm that is Mr. Moore and that is endemic in his prolific written works. Host: Jeff Cavanaugh . Producer: John Pai
Seattleite) 2010-09-14 David Stoesz (Uptight Seattleite)
The secret is out. David Stoesz is the Uptight Seattleite and he was in studio with Heidi Lang to share and in part first hand wisdom from his alter ego. The book, A Sensitive Liberal's Guide to Life: How to Banter with Your Barista, Hug Mindfully, and Relate to Friends Who Choose Kids Over Dogs is a humorous, witty and fun romp that makes living in the Northwest funny quite bearable despite all the rain! Host: Heidi Lang . Producer: John Pai
Rae-Lee 2010-09-07 Chang Rae-Lee
Lee's masterful fourth novel bursts with drama and human anguish as it documents the ravages and indelible effects of war. The Surrendered is much bleaker in tone than his previous work and unique in its third-person perspective and cinematic, sweeping scope. The ambitious, successful novel goes beyond pop psychology to chronicle the effects of violence on the souls of different lives. Join Rachel Glass as she participates in a frank discussion with this celebrated author. Host: Rachel Glass. Producer: John Pai
Shafak 2010-08-31 Elif Shafak
As in her previous book, The Bastard of Istanbul, Elif Shafak, a courageous, best-selling Turkish writer, boldly links East and West in converging narratives. Her current work, The Forty Rules of Love, unfolds two tantalizing parallel narratives- one contemporary and the other set in the thirteenth century, when Rumi encountered his spiritual mentor, the whirling dervish known as Shams of Tabriz-that together incarnate the poet's timeless message of love. Listen in as Mary Mohrman investigates the genesis of Elif’s creative process. Host: Mary Mohrman. Producer: John Pai
Horvath 2010-08-24 Polly Horvath
Northward to the Moon is the most recent published work from National Book Award winner and Newbery Honor recipient Polly Horvath. She was in studio with Rachel Glass to discuss her book and what is up next for this highly acclaimed author. Host: Rachel Glass. Producer: John Pai
Durrow 2010-08-17 Heidi Durrow
Local Northwest Author Heidi Durrow’s The Girl Who Fell from the Sky draws from her own upbringing as the brown-skinned, blue-eyed daughter of a Danish woman and a black G.I. to create Rachel Morse, a young girl with an identical heritage growing up in the early 1980s. Join Heidi Lang as she delves into the background of a story in which the main character is in a world that demands her to be either white or black. Host: Heidi Lang . Producer: John Pai
Stead 2010-08-10 Rebecca Stead
Newberry Award Winner Rebecca Stead was in studio with Heidi Lang to discuss her most recent book When You Reach Me. Her poignant novel captures the interior monologue and observations of kids who are starting to recognize and negotiate the complexities of friendship, family, class and identity. Host: Heidi Lang. Producer: John Pai
Kostova 2010-08-03 Elizabeth Kostova
In the follow up to her Best Selling Book The Historian, Elizabeth Kostova’s The Swan Thieves revisits certain themes and strategies, chief among them an academic hero who is drawn into a quest for knowledge about the central mystery, only to develop an obsession that becomes the driving force of the plot. Each chapter marks a point of view shift from the previous one, with the narrative shared among a variety of characters telling the story in a variety of ways. Elizabeth was in studio here at ERRS to share thoughts and methods with Chris McKenzie that illuminate many aspects of her process. Host: Chris McKenzie . Producer: John Pai
Liu 2010-07-27 Eric Liu
The best corporations know that innovative thinking is the only competitive advantage that cannot be outsourced. The best schools are those that create cultures of imagination. Join Rachel Glass as she sits down with author Eric Liu to go beyond Imagination First: Unlocking the Power of Possibility and explore the nuances of 28.5 practices that can help in the shaping of innovation. Host: Rachel Glass. Producer: John Pai
Download File:
Pozner 2010-07-20 Rick Pozner
We all have an important stake in our public schools. In these days of teaching for testing, standardization, school violence, and alienation, Rick Posner details in, Lives of Passion, School of Hope, how a progressive public school in Colorado has transformed the lives of its alumni. Join host Nan Vassili as she further explores with the author his account about a public school that has not only weathered the political and social storms of nearly four decades, but has done so with integrity and success. Host: Nan Vassili. Producer: John Pai
Chin 2010-07-13 Marilyn Chin
Marilyn Chin is an an award winning published poet. In her debut novel she spins an uproarious tale that lays bare the complicated generational relationships of Chinese American women. Marilyn joined forces with Rachel Glass to lay bare the genesis and modus operand to Revenge of the Moon Cake Vixen. Host: Rachel Glass. Producer: John Pai
Mengesha 2010-07-06 Lull Mengesha
At the University of Washington Lull Mengesha worked as a student ambassador for the Office of Minority Affairs, he also provided guidance to college-bound high school students who feared that they would not succeed socially and academically at a Predominantly White Institution. Many had only interacted with people of similar economic and ethnic backgrounds before entering a PWI. Compiling input from his mentors, mentees, and peers over the course of three years, he completed and published The Only Black Student. Join Rachel Glass as she engages Lull in a conversation about the process of the creation of his book, the implications of the content and what the future hold. Host: Rachel Glass. Producer: John Pai
Croswell 2010-06-29 Ken Croswell
The beauty of the Cosmos is evocated in Ken Croswell’s stunning new book The Lives of Stars. Rachel Glass caught up with the bust astronomer on a book tour stop here in Seattle to discuss the book, the future of Astronomy and the application of the science to the young people of today. Host: Rachel Glass. Producer: John Pai
Brown 2010-06-22 Lester Russell Brown
The future holds many unknown factors; one fact that is known is that we will run out of oil, a new energy economy is emerging. Lester Russell Brown is one of the pioneers and heroes of global environmentalism. In a lively discussion with Sebastian Levy-Aldrete, Lester expands upon information from his latest published book Plan B 4.0: Mobilizing to Save Civilization an exploration in both the nature of the shift in the energy economy and how it will affect our daily lives. Host: Sebastian Levy-Aldrete. Producer: John Pai
Karr 2010-06-15 Mary Karr
Mary Karr shoots from the hip. In her first memoire, The Liar’s Club, Karr’s difficult early childhood life in Texas is revealed. In her second work, Cherry, her account of her adolescence, "continued to set the literary standard for making the personal universal". In Lit we follow Mary’s descent into the inferno of alcoholism and madness and ultimately to her astonishing resurrection. All are written with Karr's relentless honesty, unflinching self-scrutiny, and irreverent, lacerating humor. Join Heidi Lang as Mary visits the ERRS studio to have a conversation as illuminating as her memoires. Host: Heidi Lang. Producer: John Pai
Download File:
Young 2010-06-08 Audrey Young
The current situation of health care in America can be viewed very clearly from the perspective of the first responders and the emergency room doctors of the King County hospital Harborview. As an idealistic young doctor entering her first post-graduate job, Dr Audrey Young shares her epiphanies, trials, and tribulations in the House of Hope and Fear. In this interview on Literary News, Dr. Young was able to expound on her thoughts and share in greater detail what appears to be a disturbing and hopeful trend in how we care for each other. Host: John Pai. Producer: John Pai
The new book Heidegger and a Hippo Walk through Those Pearly Gates by the bestselling authors of Plato and a Platypus Walk into a Bar is a hilarious take on the philosophy, theology, and psychology of mortality and immortality. Randy Winter brings out the best in this pair via a fast moving and funny interview. Death is in the house and the authors pry open the coffin lid on this one, looking at the Big D with great humor and a wry sensibility. Host: Randy Winter. Producer: John Pai
Day 2010-05-25 Laura Day
Laura Day has gifts to share and in her newest book How To Rule the World from Your Couch she takes from her well of knowledge to teach one how to awaken an inner genius so that we can have a deeper more fulfilling experience of life. Chris McKenzie engages Laura in an open and revealing conversation. Host: Chris McKenzie . Producer: John Pai
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Benjamin 2010-05-18 Rich Benjamin
Between 2007 and 2009, journalist Rich Benjamin traveled through some of America’s Whitest communities —patches of Idaho and Utah and even pockets of New York City—where, according to his research, more and more white people have been seeking refuge from the increasingly multicultural reality that is mainstream America. Join Nan Vassili as Rich Benjamin shares his insights in the creation of Searching for Whitopia. Even in the glow of Barack Obama's historic election racial and economic segregation is still vexing America. Obama's presidency has actually raised the stakes in a battle royale between two versions of America: one that is broadly comfortable with diversity yet residentially segregated (ObamaNation) and one that does not mind a little ethnic food or a few mariachi dancers--as long as these trends do not overwhelm a white dominant culture (Whitopia). Host: Nan Vasilli. Producer: John Pai
Eisenberg 2010-05-11 Adam Eisenberg
The role of women in the workforce has changed in exponential leaps and bounds over the years. In the world of law enforcement, this change has been heightened at a greater level. In A Different Shade of Blue , Adam Eisenberg has chronicled an intricate and tightly tangled network of transitions and evolution. Adam, a free lance writer and Seattle Court Commissioner was in studio with Rosemary Adamski to reveal the why, what and what will be in relationship this must read book. Host: Rosemary Adamski. Producer: John Pai
Salvatore 2010-05-04 R.A. Salvatore
As one of the fantasy genre’s most successful authors, R.A. Salvatore enjoys an ever-expanding and tremendously loyal following. His books regularly appear on The New York Times best-seller lists and have sold more than 10,000,000 copies. On tour for the final book in the Transitions trilogy, The Ghost King, Randy Winter was able to catch up with him in the ERRS studios. Host: Randy Winter. Producer: John Pai
Ford 2010-04-27 Jamie Ford
Back in Seattle for the paperback release of his novel The Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet, Jamie Ford was in studio to speak more about the dynamics of a love story frozen in a time and place; a love story defined by ethnic identity and racial prejudice. The ultimate question is how do our own family history, obligations, and duties bind us and define what we can and cannot feel. Host: John Pai. Producer: John Pai
Download File:
Saber 2010-04-20 Ariel Saber
In an intimate and personal interview with Batyah Chilek, Ariel Saber was able to share not only the journey and hurdles he had to face to unearth the story of his Father’s history but also the emotional underpinnings and roots of an exodus we all can share and appreciate in relationship to our own families and history. My Father’s Paradise is a work of beauty and a celebration of life. Host: Batyah Chilek. Producer: John Pai
Maass 2010-04-13 Peter Maass
Oil is in the forefront of our current national consciousness. In the crisis in the Gulf we are just witnessing the most recent fallout of what has been a long and sinuous road in our relationship with that commodity. Peter Maass has a lot to say not only in his most recent book Crude World: The Violent Twilight of Oil, but in this illuminating extended interview with Nan Vasilli here at the Evergreen radio Reading Service. Host: Nan Vassili. Producer: John Pai
Smiley 2010-04-06 Jane Smiley
Pulitzer Prize-winner Jane Smiley was able to stop by the Evergreen Radio Reading Service to share her thoughts on her first novel for young readers; The Georges and the Jewels. As a young girl, Jane herself had a special relationship with horses and has brought that to life in this compelling work of fiction. A work drawing on emotions close to her own heart and woven into a multi-synchronous tale Host: Rachel Glass. Producer: John Pai
McManus 2010-03-30 Patrick McManus
Patrick McManus has spent his entire adult life writing. Born in Sandpoint, Idaho, he has been an instructor in Journalism and English at Eastern Washington State College, a reporter for the Olympian as well as KREM-TV in Spokane. As a free lance writer he has been published in TV Guide and Sports Illustrated; eventually becoming the Associate Editor of Field and Stream. Primarily a writer of humor, he recently has become a very successful mystery novelist. On tour for his most recent venture: The Double Jack Murders, Patrick sat down with our won Bonnie Brown to talk about mystery, writing and a life fulfilled. Host: Bonnie Brown. Producer: John Pai
Walls 2010-03-22 Jeanette Walls
The first person voice of Half Broke Horses is the Grandmother of Jeanette Walls. In it we are transported back in time to a life lived by an indomitable woman. As a novel, it is told in a natural and authentic manner that evokes the spirit of Casey Smith so vividly and compellingly. In a lively interview with Nancy Duncan, Jeanette was able to share more than just the process of creation but the immortalization of a cherished individual. Host: Nancy Duncan. Producer: John Pai
Ellroy 2010-03-16 James Ellroy
In Blood’s A Rover, James Ellroy completes his Underworld USA trilogy. In his novels he takes a cynical and revealing look at the underbelly of the Los Angeles world of police and crime. In studio with Chris McKenzie, James offers us a lot to ponder and to question while also enlightening us to the process he takes in the chronicling and illumination of this world Host: Chris McKenzie. Producer: John Pai
Dashner 2010-03-09 James Dashner
Survival is the key word in the world of The Maze Runner, the first book in a trilogy by renowned author James Dashner. Written for a young adult audience the book translates and works for adult readers as well. Randy Winter explores how this world was created and where it might lead in this special Evergreen Radio Reading Service Literary News Host: Randy Winter. Producer: John Pai
DiCamillo 2010-03-02 Kate DiCamillo
Newbery Medalist Kate DiCamillo--author of The Tale of Despereaux and The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane-- has crafted another exquisite novel for young readers. The Magician's Elephant tells the tale of Peter Augustus Duchene, a ten-year-old orphan who receives an unbelievable piece of information from the local fortuneteller. In Seattle for a book tour, Kate came through the ERRS studio to share her thoughts and hopes with Rachel Glass in a candid and illuminating interview. Host: Rachel Glass. Producer: John Pai
Becker 2010-02-23 Paula Becker
The Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition was held in Seattle in 1909. It was the first world's fair to make a profit and as it provided a platform for advocates of woman suffrage as well as setting the general plan for the University of Washington campus that endures to this day. In a richly illustrated and well researched book the team of Paula Becker and Alan J. Stein create a rich canvas of history. Host: Sebastian Levy Aldrete. Producer: John Pai
Tannen 2010-02-16 Deborah Tannen
Conversations between sisters reveal a deep and constant tug between two dynamics–an impulse towards closeness and an impulse towards competition, as sisters are continually compared to each other. In speaking about her new book, You Were Always Mom’s Favorite, Deborah shares her observations in an exclusive interview with Heidi Lang about insights and anecdotes she gathered from well over a hundred women she interviewed. Host: Heidi Lang. Producer: John Pai
Ackerman 2010-02-09 Diane Ackerman
Diane Ackerman wants us to slow down and pay attention to the beauty all around us. In studio with Kathryn Renner, she shares many of her insights and perspectives. In a day and age when so much happens so fast we all need to have the consciousness to be able to discover the secrets woven into the fabric of life around us. Host: Kathryn Renner. Producer: John Pai
Marra 2010-02-02 Ben & Linda Marra
Since 1988, photographer Ben Marra and his wife, Linda, have crisscrossed the nation to document the majestic dance regalia worn at Native American powwows. Traveling to over 30 cities a year, Ben Marra invites participants into his makeshift studio to be photographed in full traditional dress, while Linda records the stories behind their outfits and dance. The resulting images are stunning, and capture not only the brilliant colors and incredible craftsmanship of the regalia, but the personal journeys that inspired them. Join our own Gregg Porter as he catches up with Ben and Linda to talk more in depth about Faces From The Land. Host: Gregg Porter. Producer: John Pai
LeWarne 2009-09-25 Charles LeWarne
In 1968, a one-time television salesman named Paul Erdmann changed his name to Love Israel and started a controversial religious commune in Seattle's middle-class Queen Anne Hill neighborhood. The burgeoning Love Israel Family lived a communal lifestyle centered on meditation and the philosophy that all persons were one and life was eternal. For over 30 years they made it work. Join Nancy Duncan as she interview author Charles P LeWarne about his book The Love Israel Family: Urban Commune, Rural Commune. Host: Nancy Duncan. Producer: John Pai
Beaven 2009-09-25 Colin Beaven
In a year long process, author Colin Beaven attempted to live a life that would leave the least amount of impact on the environment; unfortunately he lived in New York City and had a family. On an author tour through Seattle, Colin shared his challenges with our own Ashley Baird. Host: Ashley Baird. Producer: John Pai
Hazelton 2009-09-21 Lesley Hazelton
Much of American foreign policy has been shaped by the centuries-old disagreement between Islam's two main factions, and yet Americans in general and our politicians in particular, often can't tell Sunnis from Shi'ites. In After the Prophet: The Epic Story of the Shia-Sunni Split in Islam, Hazleton ties today's events to their ancient roots, resurrecting seventh century Arabia with reverence and vivid immediacy. Host: Sebastian Levy Aldrete. Producer: John Pai
Lynch 2009-09-19 Jim Lynch
Jim Lynch’s new novel reads as an antidote to the 21st century: a kind of metaphorical insistence on hope and simplicity and art in the face of a surrounding storm. Border Songs is an ambitious book and it just gets better. A northwest resident, Jim was able to stop by the ERRS studio to share some thoughts with Kathy Renner. Host: Kathryn Renner. Producer: John Pai
Download File:
Bronson 2009-09-15 PO Bronson
The controversy is on! In NurtureShock: New Thinking About Children, Seattle raised author PO Bronson offers revolutionary, scientifically gathered material that contradicts many of our modern day notions in how we raise our children. Rachel Glass gets to the nitty gritty in a 30 minute conversation here at ERRS. Host: Rachel Glass. Producer: John Pai
Download File:
Tropper 2009-08-21 Jonathan Tropper
Jonathan Tropper writes compulsively readable, laugh-out-loud funny novels, and his fifth book, This is Where I Leave You is the best yet. On tour in Seattle, Heidi Lang was able to engage Jonathan in an enlightening discussion about his creative process and the derivation of his material. Host: Heidi Lang. Producer: John Pai
Lynn-Haupt 2009-08-17 Lyanda Lynn-Haupt
Chris McKenzie caught up with Lyanda Lynn Haupt, a young mother, scientist and writer living in Seattle. Lyanda shares with Chris the discovery of a whole new perspective from the world of Crows. In her book, Crow Planet: Essential Wisdom from the Urban Wilderness offers us a fresh take on conscious living in the everyday world. Host: Chris McKenzie. Producer: John Pai
Williams 2009-08-13 David B Williams
David B. Williams can see the invisible. He notices the lost dramas fossilized in brownstones and statues, in the doorsteps and roof slates we walk by every day. Only such an operatic theme as the enduring grandeur of stone could encompass in a single book everything from Martian meteorites to school blackboards to dinosaur tracks. Join Sebastian Levy Aldrete as he engages in a frank conversation with David about this restless, creative earth. Host: Sebastian Levy Aldrete. Producer: John Pai
Hartmann 2009-07-31 Thom Hartmann
Air America Radio Network Host Thom Hartman was in studio with Rachel Glass to discuss his most recent work: Threshold: The Crisis of Western Culture. It is a work that a book that defines the problems of our current robber baron economy and presents solutions that integrate natural laws with the way we live, work, and shop. Host: Rachel Glass. Producer: John Pai
Johnson 2009-07-29 Jeff Johnson
Jeff Johnson is a sharp-eyed master tattoo artist, and an extraordinary writer. In his first book: Tattoo Machine: Tall Tales, True Stories, and My Life in Ink, he shares his life in the remarkable world of Tattoos. Join Heidi Lang for an engaging and insightful foray into a slice of a most remarkable world. Host: Heidi Lang. Producer: John Pai
Richardson 2009-07-15 Kat Richardson
Prolific author Kat Richardson is back at it with her latest installment of the Grey Walker series. She joins former Sunday Funnies collaborator Jeff Cavanaugh for an update about the new book and what the future may bring. Host: Jeff Cavanaugh. Producer: John Pai
Barbieri 2009-07-13 Heather Barbieri
In the Lace Makers of Glenmara, Heather Barbieri weaves an enchanting, romantic tale of friendship and love, loss and redemption set in Ireland. A young American woman helps a group of lace makers change their lives and, ultimately, her own. Host: Heidi Lang. Producer: John Pai
Rawles 2009-07-02 Nancy Rawles
Although Mark Twain never mentioned Jim's wife by name in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, award-winning playwright and novelist Rawles gives Sadie a tale "as heart-wrenching a personal history as any recorded in American literature". My Jim: A Novel is crafted with spare eloquence and mirrors the true stories of countless slave women. It recreates one of the most controversial characters in American literature. Host: Rachel Glass. Producer: John Pai
Oakes 2009-06-25 Kaya Oakes
In Slanted and Enchanted, Kaya Oakes creates a lively and highly literate explication of various American indie scenes and art forms. She argues for the value and importance of a lively, community-based, do-it-yourself tradition which continues today in various permutations. In a candid and direct conversation, she shares where things have come and gone with our own Heidi Lang. Host: Heidi Lang. Producer: John Pai
Rudd 2009-06-23 Mark Rudd
In 1968, Mark Rudd led the legendary occupation of five buildings at Columbia University, a dramatic act of protest against the university's support for the Vietnam War and its institutional racism. He was the chairman of the Columbia chapter of SDS, Students for a Democratic Society. Rudd went on to become the co-founder of the Weatherman faction of SDS. After years of his being on the run and working for social justice, Mark's book Underground answers and brings up many questions. Join Nan Vasalli as she shares a 30-minute conversation with Mark. Host: Nan Vasalli. Producer: John Pai
Download File: 20090623_Mark
See 2009-06-16 Lisa See
In deft, graceful prose, Lisa See crafts a compelling historical novel that portrays the immigrant experience and the bonds of sisterhood. Rachel Glass caught up with Lisa for an interview on her last book tour. Host: Rachel Glass. Producer: John Pai
Download File: 20090616_Lisa
Meno 2009-06-11 Joe Meno
Meno's distinctively imaginative and compassionate fiction is forged at the intersection of ordinariness and astonishment. In this tragicomic family drama, his fifth novel, he creates a topsy-turvy household. Heidi Lang speaks with Joe about a novel that encompasses a subtle yet devastating critique of war; sensitively traces the ripple effect of a dark legacy of nebulousness, guilt, and fear; and evokes both heartache and wonder. Host: Heidi Lang. Producer: John Pai
Download File: 20090611_Joe
Stewart 2009-06-10 Amy Stewart
They may look sweet and innocent, but anyone who has ever broken out in a rash after picking a hyacinth blossom or burst into violent sneezing after sniffing a chrysanthemum knows that often the most beautiful flowers can pack the nastiest punch. Join Nan Vasilli as Amy Stewart shares her facts and illuminates the realities of some truly Wicked Plants. Host: Nan Vassili. Producer: John Pai
Crawford 2009-06-08 Matt Crawford
Philosopher and motorcycle repair-shop owner Crawford extols the value of making and fixing things in Shopcraft As Soulfcraft. With wit and humor, the author deftly mixes the details of his own experience as a tradesman and then proprietor of a motorcycle repair shop with more philosophical considerations. This enlightened state is a quality that is reinforced in an interview with Chris McKenzie here at ERRS. Host: Chris McKenzie. Producer: John Pai
Rich 2009-05-29 Simon Rich
Saturday Night Live writer and author Simon Rich is wise for his 24 years on this earth. He shares his thoughts and insights with Rachel Glass in a discussion originating around his new literary work Free-Range Chickens. Host: Rachel Glass. Producer: John Pai
Dugoni 2009-05-21 Robert Dugoni
The in-depth details and knowledge of the criminal system is what distinguishes Robert Dugoni as a storyteller. In an interview with Bonnie Brown, Robert shared a good deal of the how, why, and when behind his work. Host: NA. Producer: NA
Weiss 2009-05-20 Miranda Weiss
In her deeply honest memoir, Tide, Feather, Snow: A Life in Alaska, Miranda Weiss reflects on her first seasons living in coastal Alaska, serenely recording the stunning unpredictability of the place and people. In Seattle for a book reading, she shared the origins of her journeys with Ellen Blassingham and where it eventually led her. Host: Ellen Blassingham. Producer: John Pai
Obmascik 2009-05-18 Mark Obmascik
Some midlife crises involve a fast car, others an affair. Facing middle age, writer Mark Obmascik decided to hike, climb, and scramble up all the Colorado mountain peaks over 14,000 feet that he hadn't already summited as a much younger man. In his new book "Halfway to Heaven: My White-Knuckled -- and Knuckleheaded -- Quest for the Rocky Mountain High," Obmascik relays his misadventures training for and scaling Colorado's "14ers". He expounded on several of his experiences with Kathy Renner in Studio B. Host: Kathy Renner. Producer: John Pai
Pierce 2009-05-11 Tamora Pierce
Tamora Pierce is a bestselling author of fantasy books for teenagers. Her heroines faithfully reiterate an ideal of feminine power that relies on brains, not beauty; of feminine attractiveness that relies on competence, not helplessness; and of feminine alliances that grow stronger, not weaker, in the face of conflicts. In this insightful interview with Rachel Glass, Tamora talks about the beginning and where the fuel for her creativity burns. Host: Rachel Glass. Producer: John Pai
Miller 2009-04-24 Brenda Miller
Blessings of the Animals is a compilation of essays from Brenda Miller, reflecting on thoughts that she has gathered simply by going through life and pausing to consider things. In a personal interview she shares with Chris McKenzie the development of the book and shared many insights and stories to her creative process. Host: Chris McKenzie. Producer: John Pai
Codrescu 2009-04-22 Andrei Codrescu
The Posthuman Dada Guide: Tzara and Lenin Play Chess is a dictionary, a history of art movements, a manifesto, and a joke book. It is the latest work from NPR commentator and English Professor Andre Codrescu. He was at the Evergreen Radio Reading Service to share his thoughts with Carina del Rosario. Host: NA. Producer: NA
Brown 2009-04-21 Peter Brown
In The Curious Garden, Peter Brown presents a boys' vision of a quest for a greener world, one garden at a time. With beautiful illustrations and a storyline of timely importance, Peter's work inspires young readers in many different ways. Join Rachel Glass for an enlightening interview. Host: Rachel Glass. Producer: John Pai
Emerson 2009-03-25 Earl Emerson
Seattle Fire Department Lieutenant and author Earl Emerson joins Mike Rule once again for another interview and discussion about Thomas Black and the newest addition to the mystery series, Cape Disappointment. Host: NA. Producer: NA
Andrews 2009-03-18 Lori Andrews
Rosemary Adamski interviews Lori Andrews about her new book Immunity, a thriller about bio terrorism, and opens up a discussion about how true to reality the science is behind the book. Host: NA. Producer: NA
Bailey 2009-03-17 Blake Bailey
In crafting Cheever: A Life, Blake Bailey illuminates much of what has remained hidden about one of America's most prolific, creative, and troubled authors. In an illuminating interview, Blake shares many insights with host Nan Vassili about the "man" and his work. Host: NA. Producer: NA
Tyson 2009-02-26 Neil deGrasse Tyson
From Pluto's 1930 discovery to the emotional reaction worldwide to its demotion from planetary status, Jeff Cavanaugh checks in with astrophysicist, science popularizer, and Hayden Planetarium director Neil deGrasse Tyson who offers a lighthearted look at the former "Ninth" planet in his new work, The Pluto Files. Host: NA. Producer: NA
Boyle 2009-02-18 T.C. Boyle
Boyle's latest novel takes on the architect Frank Lloyd Wright by examining his notoriously tumultuous relationships with four women, each unique in her own histrionic way. Narrated in reverse chronological order by a fictional Japanese apprentice. T.C. shares many of his methods of creation with interviewer Rosemary Adamski in a lively interview. Host: NA. Producer: NA
Ford 2009-02-10 Jamie Ford
Jamie Ford's first novel explores the age-old conflicts between father and son, the beauty and sadness of what happened to Japanese Americans in the Seattle area during World War II, and the depths and longing of a deep-hearted love. He shares with interviewer Na Young Kwon much of the impetus to the story behind the making of Hotel On The Corner of Bitter & Sweet. Host: NA. Producer: NA
Pan 2008-12-27 Philip P. Pan
How is the world's most populous and emerging global power managing to counterbalance the freedoms of capitalism — and the Internet age — against the continued restrictions of authoritarianism? For seven years, Philip P. Pan, former Beijing bureau chief for the Washington Post, traveled China and talked to officials, journalists, artists, entrepreneurs, and ordinary citizens to get a portrait of an extraordinary time in that nation's — and the world's — history. Join Alice Broussard for a conversation with Philip as he speculates on what the future may bring. Host: NA. Producer: NA
Rowan 2008-11-17 Lou Rowan
Lou Rowan's experimental style in writing translates well in his work and is a point of central importance in this interview with Alice Broussard. A non-linear stream of consciousness is both filled with playfulness and literary non structures. Host: Alice Broussard. Producer: John Pai
Download File: 20081117_Lou
Klinger 2008-11-08 Leslie S. Klinger
In a lively discussion, Jeff Cavanaugh gets to the roots of how Leslie S. Klinger developed and researched The New Annotated Dracula. Adopting the concept that Stoker's narrative is based on fact, Leslie elucidates the plot and historical context for both Stoker devotees and those more familiar with Count Dracula from countless popular culture versions. Host: NA. Producer: NA
Lynne Rosetto Kasper, host of the Public Radio Show the Splendid Table, shares the mic with fellow foodie and producer Sally Swift in an engaging and lively discussion with The Kitchen Corner's Jo Ann Henderson. Host: NA. Producer: NA
Rhodes 2008-10-28 Jewell Parker Rhodes
In her main character Dr. Laveau, Jewell Parker Rhodes has created an exciting contemporary heroine battling New Orleans's racist past and preparing for post-Katrina times. On a book tour stop in Seattle, Jewell shared some of her time in conversation with Rosemary Adamski in the studios of ERRS. Host: NA. Producer: NA
Young 2008-10-13 Kevin Young
KUOW reporter Phyllis Fletcher dedicates 30 minutes to a discussion with Kevin Young, one of the most prominent African-American poets of this generation. He was in studio at the Evergreen Radio Reading Service in recognition of his sixth book of verse: For the Confederate Dead. Host: NA. Producer: NA
Paolini 2008-10-08 Christopher Paolini
As a 24-year-old bestselling author, Christopher began writing his works of fantasy at the age of 15 in rural Montana. Jeff Cavanaugh recorded this conversation with him when he was on tour in Seattle. Host: Jeff Cavanaugh. Producer: John Pai
Wilsey 2008-09-29 Sean Wilsey
Culling the talents of 50 different voices Sean Wilsey and Matt Weiland have created a diverse portrait of the 50 United States of America that truly represent a diverse and unique country that reaffirms the basic tenet of diversity, freedom and possibility. Host: John Pai. Producer: John Pai
Bowermaster 2008-09-22 John Bowermaster
Jon Bowermaster writes about adventure, the environment, and exotic corners of the world for National Geographic, The New York Times, Atlantic Monthly, Outside, and other major publications. His travels have taken him to seven continents. His adventures have resulted in eight books. In Seattle for a presentation at Town Hall, Carina del Rosario caught up with the adventurer for a 30 minute chat. Host: Carina del Rosario. Producer: John Pai
Loh 2008-09-08 Sandra Tsing Loh
Radio commentator and performer Sandra Tsing Loh has penned a hilarious memoir with the same title as her one-woman comedy show, which ran for seven months in Los Angeles. Mother on Fire: A True Motherf%#$@ Story About Parenting! Is a hilarious and insightful romp. She shares many of her thoughts and behind the scene stories with the Evergreen Radio Reading Service's Rachel Glass. Host: NA. Producer: NA
Levitin 2008-08-27 Daniel J. Levitin
Dave Watson caught up with author Daniel J. Levitin in a discussion about his most recent work The World in Six Songs: How the Musical Brain Created Human Nature. Host: NA. Producer: NA
Richardson 2008-08-06 Kat Richardson
For many years, Kat Richardson was one of the voices for the reading of the Sunday Funnies here at the Evergreen Radio Reading Service. She is also the acclaimed author of the Greywalker series of books, four and counting. Her former co-host and current host of the Science Fiction Hour, Jeff Cavanaugh was able to catch up with her and share some thoughts. Host: Jeff Cavanaugh. Producer: John Pai
Fine 2008-07-29 Doug Fine
In Farewell My Subaru a memoir of mishaps and lessons learned, Doug Fine shares his yearlong trek to turn his newly bought New Mexico ranch into a green and sustainable environment with as little carbon fuel as possible. Tamara Belland caught up with Doug in the studios here at ERRS. Host: NA. Producer: NA
Download File: 20080729_Doug
Gessen 2008-07-29 Keith Gessen
In his first novel n+1 editor Keith Gessen paints a vibrant narrative incorporating the keystones of our current life and culture. In this interview with Alice Broussard, he talks about his motivations and creative process. Host: Alice Broussard. Producer: John Pai
Beck 2008-07-29 Martha Beck
In the tradition of her bestseller, Finding Your Own North Star, Oprah Magazine columnist Martha Beck reconnects readers with their best destinies. Described as one of the best-known life coaches in America in media such as Psychology Today, NPR, and USA Today, Martha Beck has demonstrated a rare gift for helping people whose lives have gone off course find their way back to authentic, rewarding lives. Join Tamara Belland as Martha shares her insights about her follow up book Steering By Starlight. Host: NA. Producer: NA
Cook 2008-07-10 Thomas H Cook
Edgar-winner Thomas H Cook examines the slow collapse of a prominent Southern family in his book Master of the Delta, a magnificent tale of suspense set in 1954. Using the south as a native writer, Thomas weaves a vivid tapestry in his novel. Host: Alice Broussard. Producer: John Pai
Rothfuss 2008-07-08 Patrick Rothfuss
Fantasy writer Patrick Rothfuss has had a long incubation as a writer. Jeff Cavanaugh gets to the roots of the creativity and the genesis of the story behind the work of Patrick Rothfuss. Host: Jeff Cavanaugh. Producer: John Pai
Drew 2008-07-03 Alan Drew
The backdrop to Alan Drew's novel, Gardens of Water, is 1999 Turkey. It is an enthralling story of two families and two faiths, powerfully and beautifully written. Alan drew on his own experiences as a teacher in a high school in Istanbul. Host: Melinda Simon. Producer: John Pai
Download File: 20080703_Alan
III 2008-06-26 Andre Dubus III
Alice Broussard interviews Andre Dubus III about his new novel, The Garden of Last Days. It is the follow-up to his House of Sand and Fog and is inspired by the rumored visit of 9/11 hijackers to a strip club shortly before their attacks. Host: NA. Producer: NA
Kurlansky 2008-06-26 Mark Kurlansky
Mark Kurlansky is the New York Times bestselling and James A. Beard Award winning author of many books. He currently lives in New York City and was on tour for his book The Last Fish Tale when AC Peterson was able to catch up with him. Host: NA. Producer: NA
Roach 2008-06-25 Mary Roach
Mary Roach is not like other science writers. She doesn't write about genes or black holes or Schrödinger's cat. Instead, she ventures out to the fringes of science, where the oddballs ponder how cadavers decay (in her debut, Stiff) and whether you can weigh a person's soul (in Spook). Now she explores the sexiest subject of all: sex, and such questions as, what is an orgasm? Join Nancy Duncan as Mary shares a frank discussion about all that is difficult to ask. Host: NA. Producer: NA
Kaku 2008-06-25 Michio Kaku
What is possible and what is not, writer and Professor Michio Kaku sets the record straight when it comes to the world of Science. The Science Fiction Hour's Jeff Cavanaugh spent some time with Michio as they explored what are the Physics of the Impossible. Host: NA. Producer: NA
Knize 2008-06-25 Perry Knize
In a year-long search for the perfect piano, Perry Knize shares with Kathy Renner an exodus filled with passion and a search for the sound that could translate all the nuances and beauty encompassed within the sound of music. Host: Kathy Renner. Producer: John Pai
Shields 2008-06-12 David Shields
The Thing About Life is that One Day You'll Be Dead is an addictively punchy, startlingly brilliant exploration of one of the most essential relationships — the one between parent and child. Local author and University of Washington professor David Shields shares his thoughts about the writing of his newest book with Melinda Simon. Host: NA. Producer: NA
Lakoff 2008-06-11 George Lakoff
To understand why conservative Republicans are so effective at shifting public opinion, you have to understand how their message resonates with our mind's physiologically. It is not a matter of logic or argument, says George Lakoff. Its how the message integrates with the "framing stories" of our mind and culture. Lakoff explores these points at great length and offers an explanation to Tamara Belland in the studio of ERRS. Host: Tamara Belland. Producer: John Pai
Guterson 2008-06-05 David Guterson
The threads of adolescence and childhood follow David Guterson from Snow Falling on Ceders to his new work The Other. Based in the Pacific Northwest, David shared his inspiration and his passion in an interview with Dave Watson. Host: NA. Producer: NA
Margolin 2008-06-02 Phillip Margolin
Former criminal defense lawyer Phillip Margoloin utilizes his background to good stead in weaving his vivid novels of suspense and mystery. Currently residing in Portland, Oregon, Phillip was in town for a book reading and an interview with Dave Watson. Host: Dave Watson. Producer: John Pai
Gollner 2008-05-27 Adam Leith Gollner
In his debut book, Adam Leith Gollner shares stories of the world of fruit and fruit fanatics. He's traveled to many countries in search of exotic fruits and he describes in sensuous detail some of the hundreds of varieties he's sampled. Equally intriguing are some of the characters he has encountered. In Seattle for a book reading, he traced the origins of his journeys with A.C Peterson. Host: A.C. Peterson. Producer: John Pai
Dumas 2008-05-21 Firoozeh Dumas
Humor is a healthy thing to have. Funny is Farsi is a lighthearted memoir that chronicles Firoozeh Dumas' move from Iran to America in 1971 at age seven, the antics of her extended family, and her eventual marriage to a Frenchman. She shares a lot of humor in the book as well as an interview with Alice Broussard. Host: Alice Broussard. Producer: John Pai
Zhang 2008-04-28 Lijia Zhang
In all the current literature and memoirs of China, little has been written about the period of the 1980's and 90's. Journalist Lijia Zhang shares a coming of age story of her life as a disillusioned factory worker and budding writer just prior to the Tiananmen Square demonstrations. Host: John Pai. Producer: John Pai
Hall 2008-04-24 Brian Hall
In Fall of Frost, Brian Hall presents a vision of Robert Frost that brings the reader closer to the poet in a manner that an actual biography could not accomplish. Join Mary Morhman as Brian shares many of his insights and discoveries. Host: Mary Mohrman. Producer: John Pai
Honore 2008-04-22 Karl Honore
Micro management is a pervasive aesthetic. In a household with children, this process becomes a situation of extreme pressure. Regarding our current culture and family values, Carl has many insights that are important to share which he does in his book and with Mike Rule in the studio at the Evergreen Radio Reading Service. Host: Mike Rule. Producer: John Pai
Crosley 2008-04-10 Sloane Crosley
In her debut essay collection Sloan Crosley exhibits stories that are full of sardonic wit and charm. Crosley effortlessly transforms what could have been stereotypical tales of mid-20s life into a breezy series of vignettes with uproariously unpredictable outcomes. Alice Broussard caught up with her on a book tour through Seattle. Host: Alice Broussard. Producer: John Pai
Gordinier 2008-04-09 Jeff Gordinier
With great humor and incisive precision, journalist Jeff Gordinier pays homage to Generation X. In studio with Mary Morhman the author speaks candidly and with great ease. Host: Mary Mohrman. Producer: John Pai
Fox 2008-04-05 Jennifer Fox
Fox, head of a girl's boarding school in New Jersey, writes about a strengths-based curriculum she developed and implemented with great success. She not only presents a workbook that can be utilized by educators and parents, but also offers a convincing argument in favor of over-turning outdated curriculums and teaching methods. Instead of focusing on weaknesses, Fox submits that children do far better when the focus is on their strengths. Host: Mike Rule. Producer: John Pai
Sager 2008-04-05 Larry Sager
Former cab driver current attorney/writer Larry Sager shares his experiences as a driver during the nightshift on the streets of San Francisco. Stranger than fiction, the world of the overnight cabbie is filled with stories odd, sordid and uplifiting. Join Jeff Cavanaugh as he spends some time with Mr. Sager. Host: Jeff Cavanaugh. Producer: John Pai
Kaufman 2008-02-28 Frederick Kaufman
In A Short History of the American Stomach, English professor Frederick Kaufman of New York's City University pursues a hip, journalistic approach to America's all-consuming relationship to the gut, from Puritan rituals of fasting to the creation of the Food Network. Host: Melinda Simon. Producer: John Pai
Wills 2008-02-28 Gary Wills
Wills' follow-up to his bestselling works, What Jesus Meant and What Paul Meant, sheds new light on the four books of the Bible best known to most Christians. In taking the gospels apart, Wills helps readers see the oft-read stories from the life of Christ in a new way. Host: Tamara Belland. Producer: John Pai
Smith 2008-02-21 April Smith
Utilizing her inside connections and reputation as a writer, April Smith was able to work with the FBI in the creation of her superb series of novels featuring the fictional special agent Ana Grey. In an interview session with Dave Watson, April shared many insights and stories to her creative process. Host: Dave Watson. Producer: John Pai
Bright 2008-02-19 Susie Bright
Long time editor Susie Bright recounts her years as the main force behind the publication Erotica. In a frank and enlightening conversation she shares many of the stories and evolutionary pratfalls that encompassed her years as being the pundit of erotic literature. Host: Dave Watson. Producer: John Pai
Jance 2008-02-13 J. A. Jance
Mystery writer J. A. Jance was in the studio with librarian Anne Cisney sharing her insights about her newest work, Hand of Evil. It is the third installment in the popular Ali Reynolds mystery series. Host: NA. Producer: NA
Morley 2008-02-13 Judy Morley
Denver Historian Judy Morley links the history of several Western American Cities to decipher the truths and half truths within a community's idea of their actual history. In an insightful and candid conversation with Kathy Renner, Judy is able to expound upon the premise of her book. Host: Kathy Renner. Producer: John Pai
Martin 2008-02-07 Courtney E. Martin
Journalist Courtney E. Martin presents an inspirational collection of research and stories about the problem young girls are tormented by in today's society in her debut book Perfect Girls, Starving Daughters: The Frightening New Normalcy of Hating Your Body. In an insightful interview, Courtney shares with interviewer Nan Vassili a darker side to the day to day lives of many young girls today. Host: NA. Producer: NA
Larson 2008-02-06 Kirby Larson
Local and Newberry Award winning author Kirby Larson speaks about her new historical novel for young adults with WTBBL Librarian Kathryn Pierce. Host: Kathryn Pierce. Producer: John Pai
Brooks 2008-02-04 Geraldine Brooks
Pulitzer Prize winner Geraldine Brooks stopped in to talk with Alice Broussard about her new novel People of the Book. In the spirit of her previous books Geraldine explores the roots of cross-cultural convergence and divergence. Host: Alice Broussard. Producer: John Pai
Horan 2008-02-01 Nancy Horan
Historically imagined novels are not very rare but the ones that are fully versed in the facts and the ones that boldly weave the truths into a story the dares to explore traditionally unanswered questions is indeed a rare fine. Nancy Horan's work on Frank Lloyd Wright is just that type of work; one that vividly portrays and conjures the very essence of the life and relationships of Mr. Wright. Host: Nan Vasili. Producer: John Pai
See 2008-01-23 Lisa See
Set in 17th-century China, See's fifth novel is a coming-of-age story, a ghost story, a family saga and a work of musical and social history. Back in Seattle for another book launch Lisa was in studio with Louise Maxwell for her fourth visit to WTBBL. Host: Louise Maxwell. Producer: John Pai
Download File: 20080123_Lisa
O'Neill 2008-01-23 Philomena O'Neill
Illustrator Philomena ONeill speaks with Kid's Time Beth Wier about the many books that she has illustrated over the years. Host: Beth Weir. Producer: John Pai
Bedell-Smith 2008-01-23 Sally Bedell-Smith
Bill and Hillary Clinton will forever be etched in the consciousness of the American public. Bedell-Smith's book For Love of Politics: Bill and Hillary Clinton: The White House Years offers a complete and intimate picture of the White House years of the Clinton household. In a candid and revealing interview Sally shares many insights with Dave Watson. Host: Dave Watson. Producer: John Pai
Kennedy 2008-01-16 Randall Kennedy
Accusations of selling out — of betraying or neglecting the interests of blacks to curry favor with whites — are among the most damaging that African-Americans level at each other, according to Harvard Law Professor Randall Kennedy. Called a sellout himself after his book Nigger: The Strange Career of a Troublesome Word appeared, Randall explores the charge's potency in Sellout: The Politics of Racial Betrayal. In an interview conducted by Public Radio Correspondent Phyllis Fletcher, Randall tackles all the questions and speaks frankly and clearly. Host: NA. Producer: NA
Kimmell 2008-01-03 Haven Kimmell
Prolific author Haven Kimmell shares her creative process with Melinda Simon in an interview about her new book The Used World. Kimmel's prose is peppered with characters and circumstances by turns peculiar and profound. Host: Melinda Simon. Producer: John Pai
Litman 2008-01-01 Ellen Litman
Ellen Litman emigrated from Moscow in 1992 and draws on her experiences and perspective to paint a portrait of community, life, love for her stories of Russian immigrants in Pittsburgh. In her stories she presents a good deal of clarity and insight to a life rarely seen or shared. Host: Melinda Simon. Producer: John Pai

Kitchen Corner

2012-06-01 Gary Taubes
Building upon his critical work in "Good Calories, Bad Calories" and presenting fresh evidence for his claim, Gary Taubes revisits the urgent question of what’s making us fat—and how we can change. He reveals the bad nutritional science of the last century—none more damaging or misguided than the “calories-in, calories-out” model of why we get fat —-and the good science that has been ignored. He also answers the most persistent questions: Why are some people thin and others fat? What roles do exercise and genetics play in our weight? What foods should we eat, and what foods should we avoid? Persuasive, straightforward, and practical, "Why We Get Fat" is an essential guide to nutrition and weight management. Jo Henderson discusses the book with Gary in a piquant exchange. Host: Jo Henderson . Producer: David Junius
2012-06-01 Mourad Lahlou
What Mourad Lahlou has developed over the last decade and a half at his Michelin-starred San Francisco restaurant is nothing less than a new, modern Moroccan cuisine, inspired by memories, steeped in colorful stories, and informed by the tireless exploration of his curious mind. His book “Mourad: New Moroccan” is anything but a dutifully “authentic” documentation of Moroccan home cooking. Yes, the great classics are all here, but Mourad adapts them in stunningly creative ways that take a Moroccan idea to a whole new place. Jo Henderson talks to this new author. Host: Jo Henderson . Producer: David Junius
In her new book "Joy For Beginners" food is again the setting around which this novel unfolds. A story in celebration of life and the celebration of friendship. Erica rejoins Jo Henderson on the Kitchen Corner to converse about the richly textured and embellished characters inhabiting this richly crafted narrative. Host: Jo Henderson. Producer: John Pai
As one of the nations premier raw food chefs Ani Phyo has championed the merits of organic foods and the inclusion of raw foods into people's everyday life. Her several cookbooks have broadened the scope of a macrobiotic life. In Seattle for her new book "Ani's Raw Food Asia", Ani was able to stop by the ERRS studios for a chat with Jo Henderson in an illuminating conversation about foods and life. Host: Jo Henderson. Producer: John Pai
Resident foodie and host of the Kitchen Corner, Jo Henderson catches up with Mark Leslie to check in about his recent book Beyond the Pasta. The book has incredible recipes interwoven within an amazing anecdotal narrative. Traveling to Italy for a full-immersion cooking and language program, Mark ends up being incorporated in to his mentor’s family. Culturally immersed Beyond the Pasta speaks from a uniquely personal perspective. In his conversation with Jo, Mark shares many stories both hilarious and touching. An experience that is worth being part of time and time again. Host: Jo Henderson. Producer: John Pai
2009-11-11 Healthy Appetit
New York Times bestselling author and Food Networks’ host of Healthy Appétit Ellie Kreiger was able to sit down and spend some time with the Kitchen Corner’s Jo Henderson for an enlightening interview. Ellie is a renowned registered dietitian specializing in nutrition and health communications. Her extensive work in the media has earned her a loyal following and national recognition as a trusted health professional Host: Jo Henderson. Producer: John Pai
There’s nothing like the smell of freshly baked bread to fill a kitchen with warmth, eager appetites, and endless praise for the baker who took on such a time-consuming task. Yet, in just 5 minutes, Jeff Hertzberg and Zoe Francois have developed a method create this bread for a daily occurrence. Their method is quick and simple, bringing forth scrumptious perfection in each loaf. On a book tour through Seattle, they stopped by the ERRS studios to discuss their process with our won Jo Henderson. Host: Jo Henderson. Producer: John Pai
In her first book The School of Essential Ingredients author Erica Bauermeister creates a captivating world where the pleasures and particulars of sophisticated food come to mean much more than simple epicurean indulgence. The result is a satisfying tale of food and hope. Join Jo Henderson for a frank discussion with Erica about her love of food and her gift of prose. Host: Jo Henderson. Producer: John Pai
The Splendid Table has been an engaging and enduring National Public Radio program for many years. The team of Lynne Rossetto Kasper and her producer Sally Swift share an unrelenting curiosity about everything to do with food. In 2008, they collaborated in the writing of The Splendid Table’s How to Eat Supper: Recipes, Stories, and Opinions, a book that goes far beyond the recipe, introducing the people and stories that are shaping America’s changing sense of food. On their visit through Seattle, they were guests of Jo Henderson on a special edition of the Kitchen Corner. Listen in to a lively and fun foray into the world of food. Host: Jo Henderson. Producer: John Pai
2007-05-04 Lidia's Italy
Lidia Bastianich specializes in Italian and Croatian cuisine; she has been a regular contributor to the PBS cooking show lineup since 1998. In 2007, she launched her third TV series, Lidia’s Italy. She also owns four Italian restaurants in the U.S. in partnership with her son, the wine master and restaurateur, Joseph Bastianich. In a stopover in Seattle, Lidia visited Jo Henderson here in the ERRS studio for a chat about food, restaurants and the business of culinary delights. Host: Jo Henderson. Producer: John Pai

Science Fiction Hour

2011-07-09 Michio Kaku
Michio Kaku is an American physicist, the Henry Semat Professor of Theoretical Physics in the City COllege of New York, the co-founder of string field theory, and a 'communicator' and 'popularizer' of science. An author of several books on physics, his most recent title, "Physics of the Future" was the impetus of an interview conducted via phone by Jeff Cavanaugh. Host: Jeff Cavanaugh. Producer: Michio Kaku
2011-07-08 Patricia Briggs
Patricia Briggs is prolific in her writing. She is the author of no less than 5 different fantasy series including the well-known Mercy Thompson urban fantasy series. Passing through Seattle in mid March Patricia was in studio with Jeff Cavanaugh to talk about her most recent installment to the Mercy Thompson series, "River Marked". Host: Jeff Cavanaugh. Producer: John Pai
2011-07-01 Patrick Rothfuss
A product of a cable TV free household and long winters Patrick Rothfuss grew up an avid reader and writer. As a storyteller, he draws from his extensive background in science. midevall history, eastern theater, anthropology and sociology. For this interview with the Science Fiction hour's Jeff Cavanaugh, Patrick was in studio at ERRS in early March 2011. Host: Jeff Cavanaugh. Producer: John Pai
Born and raised in Idaho, Christopher Farnsworth has worked as an investigative reporter and screenwriter for several years. His first script was The Acadamy for MGM. In 2010 his first book, Blood Oath was published. On tour for this novel in the summer of 2010, Chris was in Seattle for a reading and in the ERRS studio with Sci-Fi host Jeff Cavanaugh. Host: Jeff Cavanaugh. Producer: John Pai

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