Recommended Reads February 2013 - Crime

Crime has a fascination for the most law abiding of readers. Indulge your interest. Criminals and the people who deal with them in Washington State are the subjects of this month’s Recommended Reads.

February 2013—Crime

In this case a Walla Walla suite is a prison cell, not an onion.

Walla Walla Suite (A Room with No View) by Anne Argula.

Hard-boiled, fast-talking Quinn, an ex-Seattle cop, scores a job with Vincent Ainge, an investigator who helps keep convicted serial killers off death row. She's also taken on her first case as a PI: finding Eileen Jones, who has vanished from her job in Vincent's office building. Vincent's attraction to Abby Jones, Eileen's mother, interferes more than it helps with Quinn's investigation, but his connections become invaluable. Some strong language, violence and descriptions of sex. 2007. Cassette Book CBA 8061.  Large Print Book LP 23467. Also available as a downloadable book from WTBBL:

Even the most scenic of mountain towns have their deadly secrets.

The Alpine Scandal [#19, Emma Lord Mysteries] by Mary Daheim.

Washington state. Newspaper editor Emma Lord is suspicious when a man mails his own obituary to The Alpine Advocate. Emma's part-time lover, Sheriff Milo Dodge, is in the hospital, so it is up to Emma and Vida Runkel to investigate. Some strong language. 2007. Digital Book DBW 8215. Large Print Book LP 22997. Also available as a downloadable book from WTBBL:

A wedding is supposed to be a joyous event, not an opportunity for murder and kidnapping.

Veiled Threats: [#1, Wedding Planner Mysteries] by Deborah Donnelly.                                               

Seattle wedding planner Carnegie Kincaid works out of her houseboat to make others' dreams come true. But things start going wrong when she agrees to plan a wedding for one of Seattle's most prominent families. A murder and kidnapping plunge her into a mystery of extortion and violence. 2002. Cassette Book CBA 7800. Digital Book DBW 7800. Also available as a downloadable book from WTBBL:

A tornado isn’t the only thing that leaves a wake of destruction behind it.

A Cold Dark Place [#1, Emily Kenyon Mysteries] by Gregg Olson.

In the aftermath of a tornado in Cherrystone, Washington, former homicide detective Emily Kenyon discovers members of the Martin family dead near their demolished home. But, oddly, they've been shot. Their teen son Nick is unaccounted for and soon Emily's daughter Jenna goes missing too. Violence and strong language. 2008. Digital Book DB 70334. Also available as a downloadable book from BARD:

Washington has had more than its share of serial killers. Maybe he was the worst.

Green River, Running Red: The Real Story of the Green River Killer--America's Deadliest Serial Murderer by Ann Rule.

Crime journalist analyzes the twenty-two-year search for a serial killer who terrorized the Seattle area and murdered over fifty prostitutes. Traces the victims' lives while assessing the police investigation that led to Gary Ridgway's confession in 2003. Some descriptions of sex and some violence. 2004. Cassette Book RC 59828. Digital Book DB 59828. Large Print Book LP 22249. Also available as a downloadable book from BARD:

Helping prisoners rehabilitate themselves can be a grueling job.

Dancing to the Concertina's Tune: A Prison Teacher's Memoir by Jan Walker.

The author shares her experiences as a correctional teacher of family and parenting courses. In the process she shares the true stories of inmates, both male and female, trying to survive behind bars and to reconnect with their families. 2004. Braille Book BRW 1316. Digital Book DBW 8142. Also available as a downloadable book from WTBBL:

Turning your life around and keeping a low profile isn’t easy when your past catches up with you.

Citizen Vince by Jess Walter.

Spokane, Washington, 1980. Vince Camden is working as a baker in the Witness Protection Program and debating whether to vote for Jimmy Carter or Ronald Reagan. When another gangster recognizes him, Vince heads to New York to make amends with the mob. Violence and strong language. Edgar Award. 2005. Braille Book BR 16842. Cassette Book CBA 7839. Digital Book DBW 7839. Also available as a downloadable book from WTBBL:

Not all crime victims are humans.

Shell Games: Rogues, Smugglers, and the Hunt for Nature's Bounty by Craig Welch.

Veteran environmental journalist Craig Welch delves into the wilds of our nation's waters and forests in search of some of America's most unusual criminals and the cops who are on a mission to take them down. This thrilling examination of the international black market for wildlife is filled with butterfly thieves, bear slayers, geoduck poachers, and shark-trafficking pastors--all part of one of the largest illegal trades in the world. Digital Book DBW 8233. Also available as a downloadable book from WTBBL: