Recommended Reads for Youth

Recommended Reads are the Washington Talking Book & Braille Library's monthly series of books that can be found in our collection.

Recommended Reads for December 2018


BR006372; DB023245 Madeline's Christmas by Ludwig Bemelmans

On Christmas Eve Madeline is the only one who is not sick in bed at Miss Clavel's school. Although she must do all the cooking and cleaning, the spunky little girl is not too busy to arrange a special Christmas treat for her beloved schoolmates. For preschool-grade 2.


DB091381 Five Peas in a Pod!, Books 1-5 by Keith Baker

Five books, written between 2010 and 2017, featuring a group of little green peas as they learn the alphabet, numbers, and more. Includes LMNO Peas, 1-2-3 Peas, Little Green Peas, Hap-Pea All Year, and LMNO Pea-quel. For preschool-grade 2.


DB055043 Iguanas in the Snow and Other Winter Poems by Francisco X. AlarcoÌn

These bilingual verses depict the pleasures of winter in the San Francisco area of northern California as experienced by a Mexican American family. For grades K-3 and older readers. AmeÌricas Honor Book.  


BR001659; LP004590 The Bears' Christmas by Stan Berenstain

Papa Bear can't wait to teach Small Bear how to enjoy all his Christmas gifts. True to form, however, the fearless father has a bad break on the ice skates and snowballs down the ski jump until his offspring comes to the rescue. For grades K-3.


DB088235 Owl Diaries, Books 1-5 by Rebecca Elliott

Books one through five, written between 2015 and 2016, featuring the adventures of Eva Wingdale, a young owl who lives in Treetopolis. Boxed set includes Eva's Treetop Festival, Eva Sees a Ghost, A Woodland Wedding, Eva and the New Owl, and Warm Hearts Day. For grades K-3.


DB087891 Everybody Cooks Rice by Norah Dooley

It's dinnertime, and Carrie's mom sends her into their culturally diverse neighborhood to search for her missing brother, Anthony. Carrie discovers that every house she visits cooks with rice. Includes recipes. For grades K-3.


BR020239 Winter According to Humphrey by Betty. G. Birney

Humphrey the hamster, Og the frog, and Mrs. Brisbane's class get ready for the holidays and a special Winter Wonderland program. And this year Humphrey and Og may get to see Santa Claus. For grades 2-4.


DBC11244 Celebra la navidad y el día de los reyes magos con Pablo y Carlitos por Alma Flor Ada

Brothers Pablo and Carlitos write letters to the three kings, telling them the gifts they want to receive on Three Kings' Day. Includes facts about Christmas and Three Kings' Day. For grades 2-4. Spanish language.


DB058706 Horrible Harry and the Holidaze [#16, Horrible Harry series] by Suzy Kline

Miss Mackle's third graders share December holiday traditions--Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Three Kings' Day, and Korean New Year--with one another and with Harry's great-grandfather who just moved into a nursing home. For grades 2-4.


DBC11047 The Misadventures of Mistletoe Mouse by Susan Bourrie

Mistletoe Mouse and Molly Dolly have adventures while solving Christmas-time troubles. For grades 2-4.


DB060693 Kwanzaa Karamu: Cooking and Crafts for a Kwanzaa Feast by April A. Brady

Explains the meaning of this African American celebration. Provides recipes for children and adults to prepare together for the feast and instructions for making decorations and gifts. For grades 3-6 and older readers.


BR019416 The Green Ghost by Marion Dane Bauer

DB054517 The Kids' Winter Handbook by Jane Drake

Outdoor and indoor activities to celebrate winter. Covers weather forecasting, snow sports, crafts projects (most call for inexpensive, easy-to-find materials), games, fireside stories, and recipes. Parental involvement is encouraged. For grades 3-6.


DB048650 A World of Holidays! By Louisa Campbell

Explains five celebrations in different nations: the New Year in Japan, Ramadan and Eid-ul-Fitr in Pakistan, national independence day in Namibia, Thanksgiving in Canada, and Christmas in Mexico. Each description is followed by a short story about a child enjoying that holiday. For grades 3-6.


BR018669; DB071078 Candlelight for Rebecca [#3, Rebecca American Girl series] by Jacqueline Dembar Greene

As Hanukkah approaches, Rebecca worries about taking home the Christmas centerpiece her teacher insists that each student make. But her grandmother praises Rebecca's handiwork, and Rebecca finds just the right person in her apartment building to give the Christmas decoration to. For grades 3-6.


BR009646; DB038761 The Moon of the Winter Bird by Jean Craighead George

During the cold of December, a song sparrow sits in a blue spruce tree near a yellow house not far from the Olentangy River in Ohio. The sparrow should have been in Alabama as he had been every other winter with the other song sparrows. Nature had given him the clues to leave, but he did not. He had become a "winter bird" staying with those who live in the cold of the North. For grades 3-6 and older readers.


DB078959 Winter Sky by Patricia Reilly Giff

Almost twelve-year-old Siria, who chases fire trucks in the middle of the night to ensure her firefighter dad's safety, suspects that someone is deliberately starting fires. Siria realizes that solving this mystery will take all kinds of courage. Commercial audiobook. For grades 4-7.


DB080496 Icefall by Matthew J. Kirby

Princess Solveig and her siblings are trapped in a hidden fortress tucked between towering mountains and a frozen fjord, along with an army of restless soldiers, all awaiting news of the king's victory in battle--but a traitor lurks in their midst. For grades 5-8 and older readers.


DB021611 Holiday Treats by Esther Rudomin Hautzig

A collection of easy-to-make recipes for sixteen holidays throughout the year, including Purim, Halloween, Mother's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Fourth of July, and Christmas. For grades 5-8 and older readers.


DB075997 After the Snow by S. D. Crockett

Fifteen-year-old Willo and his family are "stragglers," independent homesteaders who reject the repressive government that seized control after a new ice age brought an era of scarcity. When his family vanishes from their home, Willo sets out to find--or avenge--them. Some violence. For junior and senior high readers.


DB044571 Winter of Fire by Sherryl Jordan

On a cold, sunless world, Elsha grows up a child of the Quelled, a race of slaves ruled over by the Chosen. But Elsha has strange visions and strength of spirit that set her apart from others, and she becomes the key to the future survival of her people and her planet. For junior and senior high and older readers.


BRC00246; DB070230 A War of Gifts [#3, Ender Wiggin] by Orson Scott Card

Holiday-themed science fiction novella. The International Fleet forces minister's son Zeck Morgan to enroll in Battle School, which bans religious observances. Citing his faith, Zeck refuses to participate in war games--but also protests his classmates' commemoration of Saint Nicholas Day. Debate ensues until counselor Ender Wiggin sets Zeck straight. For High School readers and older.


DB087619 Wintersong by S. Jae-Jones

An uneventful adulthood looms for Liesl, daughter of an innkeeper and musician. Her world shifts when her sister is taken by the mischievous Goblin King. Liesl journeys to the Underground to save her, and she soon faces an impossible decision. Descriptions of sex. For senior high and older readers.


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